The U.S. Secretary of Transportation and her husband introduced their twins

The U.S. Secretary of Transportation and her husband introduced their twins

Pete Pattigick, who was apparently gay in American history, and her husband, Chaston Gleesman Pattigick, introduced their twins on social media in August after announcing they had become parents without giving details.

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A black-and-white photo posted on Twitter and Instagram shows a baby in a hospital room holding a baby in a small cloth.

“We are delighted to welcome Penelope Rose and Joseph August Pattick to our family,” writes Pete Pattick, one of the Democrats’ leading stars for the 2020 presidential election.

On August 17, the 39-year-old transport minister tweeted, “I thank Chaston for all the congratulations we have received since announcing we became parents.”

His message received over 200,000 “likes” at 20:00 GMT. Parents of twins respond with humorous greetings and photos of their own children.

Pete Pattick is a former mayor of South Bend, a medium-sized town in the state of Indiana. Little did the general public know when he presented his candidacy for the Democratic presidential election in April 2019 that this former soldier who crossed Afghanistan had a meteorite life.

According to the Victory Institute, he is “the first apparently LGBT person to be appointed to a permanent position in the presidential cabinet”.

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