Universal history, blow by blow, day by day

Universal history, blow by blow, day by day

he Josep Bosch from Gironaveteran journalist, now retired. If any journalist ever retired, he earned his due profession To his passion Or his passion In his profession, it is not clear. The truth is that he combined them together, and While traveling around the world As a reporter for various media, he took the opportunity to make this happen Old newspapers. Not just anyone who is a journalist for a reason, but those who They have reported some key facts in Date: A Chinese newspaper announces the death of Mao, an English newspaper announces the end of World War II, or a Burmese newspaper reports everything that happened in Burma on any day of any year. to Joseph BushIt is not enough to collect newspapers; one must have one Informational and historical value. With these requirements, he formed A group, a little joke, from about 23,000 newspapers from all over the world, from all eras and more than thirty languages, including about 3,600 referring to the Civil War. “Many of the newspapers in my collection talk about regime changes in some countries of the world. “I love history and I love journalism,” says Bush, by way of explaining his sarcasm. Many countries in Europe and South America have hosted exhibitions of the collection.

at the time Daddy's diaryr are rare grandparents, when Tablets and computers have been replaced As if it were complete Old newspaperswhen it is already difficult to see an image that is not as romantic as a person with a newspaper under his arm, enjoying the collection of Josep Bosch causes a feeling similar to that of Professor Alan Grant when he visits Jurassic Park in the film of the same name.

Once I arrived at the Bush house, I noticed on the table not a Tyrannosaurus rex, but an approximation: The San Francisco Chronicle from 1944 with a single word, in large letters, on the cover: “Invade”. that it Special edition From the last hour of the morning on D-Day, he took to the streets to report on the landing of the Allied forces in Normandy. One too Hamburger Ebenblatt Which conveys the death of Hitler. Bosch has obtained some samples from… AuctionsAnother visit Files, Old libraries s Antique dealers. Many, in the same country where he ended up as a correspondent. This is the case with the Chinese newspaper that published the news of the death of Mao, the great helmsman. “As soon as I got to China, I thought: ‘I have to get the newspapers.’ I wanted to talk about Mao’s death, the Cultural Revolution, etc. I had a contact at the ministry, and I told him how to get them, but he kept delaying me. Until three years later, when “I was already leaving China, tell me who I can contact to buy some.” In a very communist and bureaucratic manner, the Chinese newspaper does not begin by saying “Mao has died,” but with something like “The Party Central Committee announces that…”

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Diary of November 16, 1976, which announced the end of the dictatorship.

It all started in Paris

But how does this passion begin to take shape? Like many things in this life, family had a hand in it. “My grandfather was a blacksmith in Silra, and he read the newspaper every day. This stuck with me,” the journalist recalls.

– Yes, very good, but: what about assembly? – I insist.

he The first newspaper The one he bought, not just to read but to keep, was Correio Catalan from 1963, which he kept under his mattress and ended up losing. And whoever keeps them, the first What became part of the collection was France Soir, purchased in May 1968 in Paris. Specifically, a copy of May 27, containing texts and images of May's French student revolts. From this standpoint, he decided to search for newspapers that reflect this Historical events. Oldest kept that it English newspaper From…1670! To this day, when he stops buying, he has enough work to maintain the excellent collection.

the group As he grew, the arrival of the Internet, which provided home-based access to antique dealers and bookstores, made the task easier. So much so that when Bush lived in Switzerland, he had to put his favorite newspapers in the garage at home: from that day on, the car slept on the street. “My wife wasn't very amused,” he admits.

There came a time when he realized he couldn't keep the collection in ideal conditions – the old newspapers are so delicate, some even had to be rebuilt, “and I've spent a lot of money on this” – so he considered donating it.

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The Herald Tribune reported on the impending landing of the Apollo 11 crew on the moon.

Nobody wants that here

It seems easy for any administration to be interested in such a wonderful collection, but we must not forget the country in which we live. As it usually happens,… Collection from Girona He is more appreciated outside Catalonia than here. the Generalitat He did not even respond to the offer, in Girona “they had been stomping partridges for seven years,” and finally it was Ministry of Culture Who condescended to respond to the proposal to give them newspapers if they digitized them. The Ministry informed him that they were interested, but the economic crisis came – no matter what, Spain always has economic crises – and they withdrew.

appeared Swiss As a table of salvation, although unlike some later politicians, he does not “go into exile”: the Martin Bodmer FoundationBased in Geneva, What is with you From one of the largest collections of documents in the world, he obtained newspapers kept by a journalist from Girona. the Swiss media They echoed this and described the group as “exceptional and unique.” They already say that there is no prophet in their land. the Bodmer Foundation He immediately pledged the Bush Group's condition “to ensure that it is well preserved.” Now, in his home, he keeps only about 150 perfectly preserved pieces, which he proudly displays to visitors.

– Look, this – he points out, pulling out a 1938 Mundo Obrero with the words “¡Todos a las Armas!” On the cover

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The Daily Express reported Churchill's death.

To rub his ass

from Civil war, almost a crown jewel, could have contained more, but a large number have disappeared. The reason is very trite, and Josep Bosch explains it frankly: “They rubbed their asses with the newspapers.” In times of scarcity, newsprint is used for many things, not just for lunch wrapping.

– Or this other one – And now it's the turn of the newspaper Pravda from 1945, when the Red Army entered Berlin, whose headlines – translated by Bush himself – were: “It was a great day.”

What is striking is how the same event is dealt with in completely contradictory ways, according to the direction of the newspaper. It is often observed Spanish Civil War When, for example, on the same day, the flood Cover headline: “They Shall Not Pass” Vanguard He chose “Franco the Victorious Caudillo”. Or how two Berlin newspapers talk about the construction of the Berlin Wall with an “appeal to the world” that blasphemes the construction of the wall or “It is time to defend the integrity of the homeland” that defends it.

-And if I had to choose one?

– It would be very difficult for me to choose, but what I consider to be the most important is the third special edition of the newspaper Bosniche Post, distributed in Vienna, dated June 28, 1914, which deals with the assassination of the Archduke of Uzbekistan on the same day. Austria in Sarajevo leading to the Great War that changed history.

History and journalism, journalism and history.

– This is a museum of mummies, and I no longer even read newspapers. – Josep Bosch says goodbye, resigning.

Death of Mussolini Lavante.

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