What will the smartphone of the future look like? You may never use it again – here's what will replace it

What will the smartphone of the future look like?  You may never use it again – here's what will replace it

In a yet indefinite future, perhaps we will say goodbye to smartphones: a project that is constantly evolving.

When it comes to history of smartphones, It's impossible not to think about the countless hardware and software of the past 20 years. In this time frame cell phones have Change of form and functionallowing audiences to have a real 360-degree assistant at their fingertips.

The concept of smartphones will soon become obsolete: the evolution of technology – (cityrumors.it)

So far, some project is Eliminate its physical component, leaving users with only a screen capable of meeting modern needs. The idea may seem strange, just think back to the distant 1980s, when Italy lived The first mobile phones reach the national marketushering in an era of revolution in communications.

These are early devices It was huge and bulkyVery different from the smartphones we know today. However, it was a significant step forward from landlines, allowing you to communicate on the go.

A screen at your fingertips: the smartphone of the future

Back then, you had a cell phone It was considered a luxury booked up To a distinguished fewHigh fees and limited coverage. Today it seems like just a vague memory, but this desire for functionality and lightness still seems to find its way Who wants to lighten it more This type of device.

Ai Pin, the pin that will be applied at chest height – Credit: Youtube AI Fast Cash – (citurumors.it)

Although it has become an essential part of ourselves, little by little we begin to desire something new and revolutionary. On the one hand, we are looking for something new, and on the other hand, a kind of screen detox. Nothing ever seems enough, not even for the producers themselves. This is where it comes from Humanity with his AI pin.

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The name may not be particularly exciting, but it already contains everything we need to know. Artificial intelligence because it is based on artificial intelligence. Pin because it's a pin. This is a new concept, and a much-discussed innovative design, where the smartphone presents itself as a capable staple Screen display Snugly In the palm of our hands.

Human is an American electronics company founded in 2018 by Imran Choudhury and Bethany Bongiorno, former executives of Apple. And they themselves had a vision: A device based on artificial intelligence It would free us from the smartphone. The gem that deserves attention is that this device requires a few touches and the use of our voice.

to mobile world congress 2024, Humanity has demonstrated the potential of AI Pin. We don't know all the technical details yet, but we do know that it is powered by a powerful processor 2.1 GHz octa core. It has a display, speaker, sensors, LEDs and microphones.

The main input system is voice activated, Supported by touchpad to activate microphones. Although English is the main language at the moment, AI Pin Capable of real-time translation, Allow smooth conversations even with people who speak other languages.

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