The winds of war off the British coast

The winds of war off the British coast

An English warship remotely “escorts” a Russian frigate armed with hypersonic missiles a few miles off the British coast. the image in mind Royal Navy Supposedly intended to calm the audience, it actually sends more than a few shivers down the spine. Because it is tangible evidence that “war games” are more alive than ever, and not only within bordersUkraine.

Putin is ready to attack Zircon hypersonic missiles? The giant Gorshkov ship departed from Murmansk

Russian frigate with hypersonic missiles

This is not the first time that Russian naval vessels have been intercepted in the seas of Northern Europe. It had already occurred at the time of the damage to North StreamUnderwater gas pipeline crossing Baltic SeaAnd With attaching responsibility for the ships of Vladimir Putin. But now there is something else. And that extra thing is the images that the file contains The Kremlin spread in it Admiral Gorshkov Frightening test launch zirconhypersonic missiles (capable of reaching Mach 9) can be armed with nuclear warheads. Here: Admiral Gorshkov is exactly the frigate sailing north United kingdom And equipped with zircon.

Demonstration launch of the Zircon hypersonic missile from Gorshkov (ANSA photo)

And this is the real reason why Royal Navy I rallied, marking a man—to use a football metaphor—the Russian ship. Pictures released by the British Navy show HMS Portland Gorshkov and the accompanying tanker follow at a safe distance Kama They also sail in international waters in the North Sea.

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Putin is ready to attack Zircon hypersonic missiles? The giant Gorshkov ship departed from Murmansk

“Escorting warships in the territorial waters of the United Kingdom and adjacent sea areas is a routine activity for the Royal Navy,” said the commanding officer of HMS Portland. ed moss ward, Sail from Plymouth on the 7th of January “By maintaining a visible and continuous presence, the Royal Navy ensures compliance with maritime law and protects the interests of the nation.”

Putin supremacy

on the other side , set sail from port Severomorskin the northwestern tip of Russia, on the fourthwithout that of flies Information about the ship’s route, mission timing, and purpose was available. But when pictures of the test launch of Zircon arrived – which took place in… Barents Seatoward a target 620 miles away in the White Sea—at least the last two points are becoming clearer to the whole world.

And if Putin publicly exclaimed Saying that he «is sure that such powerful weapons will allow the Russia To reliably protect themselves from possible external threats »ala Boy The pure test theory of a more effective defense must have seemed at least a little credible. Not surprisingly, before the “Admiral” was captured by Portland, it was already intercepted and therefore followed Bergen, a Norwegian coast guard vessel, is sailing south of the fjords. “Gorshkov is ready to fight back from different heights and directions,” he said cheerfully Zvezda TV Pictures show the test of the Russian hypersonic frigate. But fear of Great Britain As with all NATO, is that sooner or later those missiles may be used put it in Not to defend but to attack.

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