“Here’s who is behind the guest talk.” Suspect Cobacer

“Here’s who is behind the guest talk.”  Suspect Cobacer

However, the skepticism, because there must be evidence of the possibility of speaking of the accusation, is heavy: the Russian guests whom some Italian TV talk shows have considered heroes in recent days will not be just information, press and contradictory. No, it will beproces misinformation Organized and conceptualized upstream by Russian government menThis is what Copacer (Parliamentary Committee on the Security of the Republic), which wants to see clearly and delve into the matter, so much that it met next Wednesday Mario Parenti, Director of ISI (Information and Homeland Security Agency), today. After the announcement of Rai Fuortes (May 12) and a week later also Giacomo Lasorella, President of Agcom.

Where suspicion arises

In La7, as we have seen on Giornale.it, the problem arose with Nadana Fridirkhson, who is a very frequent guest on some programs. So much so that Nona Mikelidze, Nathalie Tocci and Andrea Gilli decided to decline Floris’ invitation due to the presence of “TV correspondent for the Russian Ministry of Defense”, who provoked public laughter when she herself spoke of ‘censorship’ if she had not had the opportunity to respond. In recent hearings, she explained Republicsome situations would have raised the suspicion that foreign guests and commentators are getting paid by the Kremlin to say what they say.

The main question is not about the inconsistency of the guests in the studio or the conductors, but about the very subtle tempa associated with publicity. Josep Borrella Spanish politician who is “lHigh Representative for Security Policy in the European Union“, by saying that the Russian Agency Sputnik and daily Russia Today they were “Weapons in the Kremlin’s manipulation system“, which – that “They bomb minds and souls: information is the fuel for democracy. If the information is of poor quality, then democracy is also of poor qualityà “At this point the question of Italian intelligence arose spontaneously: if these two propaganda vehicles were closed in Russia”As a matter of national security, why do we allow other people paid from Moscow to bring the same concepts onto our television?“.

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What Copasir wants to know

Kobasir also “received” Borrell’s words and wanted to see clearly. Also because, in the middle of the epidemic, the same committee raised the problem of the suspicious operations of the Russians who officially came to help but in the meantime might have done something else. The Orders It would be easy: who chooses to invite a specific person as a guest and why? Is anyone on the outside “suggesting” some names or are they decisions independent of a particular newspaper? Is there a hidden trend or is it simple and pure information and journalism?

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