The French Constitutional Council condemns more than a third of the controversial immigration law

The French Constitutional Council condemns more than a third of the controversial immigration law

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The political quagmire in the French state. the Constitutional Council He decided to declare more than a third of the controversial articles unconstitutional Immigration law. According to French media reports, the court believes that there are 32 articles that are not sufficiently linked to the legal framework, such as those that refer to social assistance and family reunification. Likewise, he is also critical of references to immigration quotas.

The immigration law sparked a lot of political and social unrest in France, which witnessed large protests and demonstrations. In fact, vote for the far-right law National Assembly Already touched on the executive'sEmmanuel Macron It caused the resignation of the Minister of Health Aurelian Russia. The text was approved on December 19 in the French National Assembly, after the executive agreed to tighten it to obtain right-wing and far-right votes.

French Minister of the Interior, Gerald DarmaninHe was the first member of the executive branch to react and confirm that they had taken note of the rejection of some articles. In addition, he said that the ruling was the result of a lack of respect for parliamentary procedures. He finally confirmed that the Constitutional Council fully approved the text initially proposed by the government.

On the other hand, the head of the National Rally Party said, Jordan BardellaHe expressed his regret over the legal setback. “Immigration law was born dead,” he said.

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