United States of America: 3 students of Palestinian origin were shot: one of them seriously

United States of America: 3 students of Palestinian origin were shot: one of them seriously

Three young men of Palestinian descent who were in Burlington, Vermont, for a Thanksgiving gathering were shot — one seriously — near the local university. The police announced this, confirming that the attack may have been a hate crime. Burlington Police Chief John Murad said two of the boys were in stable condition, while the third suffered “more serious injuries.”

The three, all in their 20s, were walking when they were confronted by a white man carrying a gun. Murad said: “Without speaking, he fired at least four shots and fled.” “All three victims were shot.”

Murad added that the three men are of Palestinian origin: two of them are American citizens and the other is a legal resident. Two of the boys were wearing the black and white Palestinian keffiyeh. Murad indicated that there is no other information indicating a motive.

“At this tense moment, no one can look at this incident and not suspect that it may have been a hate crime,” he said. “I am already in contact with federal partners to prepare for that possibility, if proven.”

The White House said President Joe Biden has been briefed on the shooting and will continue to receive updates as law enforcement gathers more information. US House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries encouraged people to “unequivocally condemn the astonishing growth of anti-Arab hatred and Islamophobia in America. No one should ever be targeted because of their race or religious affiliation in our country: we will not allow hate to win.” The New York Democrat wrote on X.

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