Japan beats the United States, the second Dutch win – OA Sport

Japan beats the United States, the second Dutch win – OA Sport

Record the second day of Harlem Baseball Week 2022. Two games, also at the man’s level, those played today, which literally lit up the afternoon of diamonds dedicated to Bem Muller. But let’s find out what happened today.

In a race in which the program has opened up a lot, there is a lot of balance between the US and Japan. You need the extra half to seal the scores, also because neither team managed to score first. Not only that: No one can even send any runner to third base. When it goes beyond normal shooting, the Americans put Morgan in second and Ahuna in first, but the point does not come. The Japanese team does this instead: Tsujimoto advances to third base with the ball, then uses Hayashi’s song on the left to end the confrontation.

Baseball: defeated Italy on their debut at Harlem Week 2022. Holland won the scale

But the situation between the Netherlands and Cuba is more clear. Bernadina immediately scored, but in the second half solo Laza managed to send Cepeda home, thus leveling the score. The balance remains until the sixth round, when Provar throws one on third base allowing Ballentin to sign 2-1. The last word, however, from Bernadina: great ball deep right, inside run, 3 RBI and closed accounts.

Italy will be back on the field tomorrow, unlike the American selection at midday. Then the turn of Curaçao and the Netherlands will come, and then the result will be entrusted to Cuba and Japan.

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Photo: LiveMedia / Claudio Benedetto – LivePhotoSport.it

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