No parking, you can almost always do it if you know the law, and very few people really know what it says

No parking, you can almost always do it if you know the law, and very few people really know what it says
Road sign representing the ban on

An important trick has been revealed for motorists, as they can park their cars near a parking ban almost as many times as they need.

As all motorists know, It is prohibited to park your car or any other vehicle within the parking restrictions. Knowing which areas this rule applies to is very simple, as they are always marked with a road sign. It’s that blue sign with the red edges and the red crossbar (you can see it in the top photo).

In case you have to do the foolish thing of parking your car or leaving it even for a few minutes in no-parking zones, The danger lies in the imposition of economic sanctions. The fine that can be paid to you is 41 eurosBut it can reach twice this value if there are some aggravating circumstances.

However, it is very likely that you are not aware of this rule regarding blocking. In fact, it is always possible to park a car in a restricted parking zone. The law says so, and if you’re aware of it, you can use it to leave your car practically anywhere.

Here you can park your car without any parking restrictions

Many people have come up with the idea of ​​stopping their transportation Areas used for loading and unloading goods. It’s about those Areas marked in yellow are where a little man is usually depicted carrying goods (You can see it in the picture below).

In these areas there are usually signs to identify the time periods in which the ban applies, for example This applies most often from 08.00 to 20.00 from Monday to Saturday. Hence it is well understood that You can park your car in the areas used for loading and unloading goods at night and on Sundays Without risking getting a fine.

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Dedicated area for loading and unloading goods –

What happens if there are no signs?

In the absence of a sign indicating that parking is not possible, the ban is in effect every day for 24 hours.. Therefore, in this case, you will never be able to leave your car in this area.

Failure to adhere to this rule will result in a A fine of 24 to 97 euros for scooters and two-wheeled motorcycles, and from 41 to 168 euros for all other vehicles..

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