United States, a black bear breaks into a birthday party and eats cake

United States, a black bear breaks into a birthday party and eats cake

We imagined them greedy for honey, Like Winnie the Poohbut it seems They also love cake. At the beginning of September, the Majdian family joined in Connecticut (USA)was celebrating birthday From little Cyrus, two years old, when she finds herself in front of an unexpected guest: big black bear – Very common in those parts – Who started eating boy’s birthday cake.

The bear arrived from the nearby forest, sat down at the table and started feeding on the gods cupcakeAnd the Ignore all other courses. Once the sweets were stored, they appeared (Complete with a snowy face), in rub.

Laura Majidan He told WTNH News that as soon as the animal was spotted, all the adults started collecting dozens of kids who were running around the park. to keep them safe. Guests pulled into the garage, while the one who found shelter in the car I tried to blow the horn to make the bear run awaywithout getting results.

In fact, the bear didn’t leave before he satisfied his wish cupcake. He ignored both the horns and the screams of the people who wanted to drive him away. Parents added thatThe animal does not seem aggressive at allAnd he was only interested in sweets. The entire sequence was recorded in a video, which you can find here.

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