Govt, World Rankings of Infections and Deaths: America Has the Most Presence Of All. Italy in the first place

Govt in the United States

Rome 18 January 2022 – Omigron variant causes infections to fly around the world. An upsurge in realizing its effects in the coming weeks (it is important to look at what impact it will have on health systems in countries with low vaccination rates).

In the meantime, the list of countries most affected by the Govt epidemic needs to be updated. According to the latest figures for January 16, they are over Worldwide, 321.2 million people are affected, An increase of 786 thousand cases in the last 24 hours, more than 5.5 million deaths and 264 million cures, currently 51.3 million positive. The epidemic continues to claim victims and spread to almost every country in the world. Different Omigron, According to experts, is more contagious than delta, but less dangerous.

Ranking of Infections

Leads the list of states with the most diagnosed cases, as has been the practice since the onset of the epidemic. Use with 64mlIt is next to India with 36 million Russia 22 million. The first European country to meet in this ‘ranking’ United Kingdom With more than 15 million infections Italy is in eighth place with 8.1 million, Behind Turkey and Russia, but ahead of Spain and Germany.

Ranking of deaths

As for the deaths, the United States Confirmed in the first place with over 840 thousand in this dramatic ranking Brazil knocked India out of second place. Then there are Russia, Mexico and Peru, The latter two states stand apart because they are not among the 10 most affected countries in the world. In ninth place is Italy More than 140,000 have died, the only member of the European Union in the top ten, ahead of Iran and behind Indonesia. Location.

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Ranking of continents

  • Europe has 113 million victims so far and more than 1.6 million deaths, The case curve has had a real upswing since last fall and has had more clear growth since the end of December. The death toll has been steadily rising for the past 30 days. Italy has the fifth highest number of infections and the third highest number of deaths, Is ahead of France and Germany. Fewer numbers have been recorded in Asia, where China’s ‘zero infection’ model has had an impact, although it stumbles ahead of Omigran.
  • In Asia, the number of cases detected so far is 77,251,895 and the number of deaths is 1,162,724, Most of them in India, Iran and Indonesia. It should be noted that China, with a population of 1.4 billion, ranks only 35th in the list of Asian countries for diagnosed infections with 117 thousand cases, with a population of 540 thousand and 100 thousand more diagnosed than the Maldives.
  • In Africa, ‘’ reports that there have been 9,822,362 cases and 225,907 deaths since the onset of the epidemic. On this continent, the growth curve of epidemics in the last 30 days is lower than in Europe and the United States. The worst affected countries are South Africa, Tunisia and Egypt.
  • In the United States, At a macro level, they are 117.3 million more than the infected population in Europe, while they have surpassed 2.4 million in terms of mortality. Again, the Omigran variant has pulled infections upwards over the past month. The United States, Brazil, Mexico, Peru and Colombia are the countries most affected by the Govt epidemic.
  • In Oceania Finally, there are a total of 1,709,003 infections and 3,276 deaths, most of which are in Australia.

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