Georgia and Ministers invited to the United States. The government passed the Atlantic test

Georgia and Ministers invited to the United States.  The government passed the Atlantic test

If Meloni’s government finds itself on the European front facing a tactical cannonball from the left (France and Spain are in the lead), given the continental vote next year, the transatlantic bond will be “solid”. Verio, to quote a term often used by the White House to describe the strongest of alliances. A busy summer is expected on the diplomatic axis between Rome and Washington. It is expected that important ministers will be present in the American capital, such as Defense Chief Guido Crocito, Corporate Chief Adolfo Orso, and of course Farnesina President Antonio Tajani, who for the time being had canceled a mission to the UN headquarters for reasons related to the agenda “United Nations, expected at the end of May Above all, in the summer, possibly in June and in keeping with the busy schedules of the leaders, Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni is expected to attend the White House, who will once again meet President Joe Biden after meeting at the G20 in Bali last November at the G7 of Hiroshima. Those who feared (or hoped) a cooling of relations between Washington and Rome after the departure of Mario Draghi have been proven wrong. The different political colors of the two administrations, highlighted by Joe Biden himself last fall, while campaigning for the midterm elections, did not affect the ties between Even the “contempt” of the failure to appoint the ambassador to Rome, seen as a sign of US disinterest, has been rectified. There is no official announcement, but it is now certain that the White House representative in Italy will be the former governor of Delaware, Jack Markle, who is very close to Biden.

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Of course, beyond the historical alliance – despite the pro-Chinese lust and the embrace of the Russian “saviors” by Giuseppe Conte during the first phase of the pandemic – the clear position on the side of Kiev immediately expressed by the Meloni government, confirmed in recent months by concrete actions established by the executive branch. Another key point in Rome’s favor is the now certain exit from the famous Silk Road memorandum signed with Beijing more than four years ago. The prime minister herself was alleged to have brought up the issue last week at a meeting in Rome with Republican House Speaker Kevin McCarthy. It should be noted that Ukraine’s support against Russia’s invasion and strategic confrontation with China are two of the very rare issues on which there is broad bipartisan consensus in the US Congress. Before that, it was the Minister of Economy Giancarlo Giorgetti, in his talks in Washington with American interlocutors, on the occasion of the spring meetings of the International Monetary Fund, that made it possible to understand Rome’s intentions. And if Beijing is trying to play the trade card to push the Italian government to rethink, the trade figures between Italy and the United States indicate a real boom: in 2022 Italian exports to the United States amounted to $80.5 billion, +20 percent, the second destination after Germany, superior to France for the first time.

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