2580 per year, the hidden sting: families on their knees

2580 per year, the hidden sting: families on their knees

Codacons examined Istat’s inflation data and monitored its impact on price increases. The result is thatelectricity August saw a 135% increase compared to the same month in 2021, intercontinental flights increased by 176% and pasta by 25%.

This is the overall picture, and when you get into the food details, the result is a barrage of double-digit increases. Seed oils + 62.2% butter + 33.5% flour + 23%. There’s no shortage of bad news even for gourmets: The price of french fries and ice cream has gone up 17%. Shopping cart, according to Codacons, increased in one year on average 786 EUR In addition to a family.

Not just food

In addition to the price of electricity and the cost of intercontinental flights, prices for household appliances also jumped on the podium and increased overall by 20.8%. By squeezing the focus a bit, cameras increased by 23.8% and landlines by 19.2%.

On average, an overnight hotel costs 16.3% more, and even the postal services have succumbed to the weight of the increases (+6.4%).

With the same consumption, the annual expenditure of households increases by 2,580 euros, becoming 3,352 for a family of four. A higher cost of more than 250 euros per month.

Codacons president Carlo Renzi spoke of unsustainable increases that may not have peaked. To know the evolution of prices, it is necessary to understand how the electricity and gas tariffs will increase during the last three months of 2022.

The Consumers Association Monitor is very attentive and periodically releases the results of its analyzes on prices. At the end of August, he spoke of an overall increase less than that mentioned in the bulletin issued a few hours earlier. That must be added Codacons’ voice He is neither alone nor outside the choir.

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Coldiretti Notes

Although from the point of view of agricultural producers, Coldiretti comes down to considerations that adhere to those of Codacons. Price hike Caused by one in two Italians (51%) for reviewing food purchasing policies, which led to a slump in sales (fruit and vegetables recorded 11% lower sales). Just over one in five Italians (18%) claimed to have turned towards lower quality products which, after all, is in any case a form of abandonment. Finally, 31% of Italians claim that they have not changed their shopping habits.

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