Skyglass does not convince us. tell you why

Skyglass does not convince us.  tell you why
Skyglass does not convince us.  tell you why

Update on September 18th at 10.15pm. This post of ours, we are glad, generated a lot of interest and obviously some criticism as well. there. It is quite legitimate especially since in the following lines, we want to be clear, express only and exclusively Opinion, without the pretext of conducting a final review on Sky Glass. As you’ll see, we focus exclusively on one aspect of the commercial offering, which is the hyper-connectedness in our opinion between the device and the platform. But for now, update the post with that extra clarification, let’s come to our opinion on Sky Glass.

Our mini review on Sky Glass

Sky Glass has been released in the past few hours, the new creature of Sky which, however, we tell you right away, Maybe a little will convince us. It must be said that at this moment Sky is generating a lot of things and a lot of different ideas, so there might be something that seems, at least to our eyes, less interesting. Everything at Sky looks at one key process: moving the operational asset towards the role of content aggregator. Also keep following us on our Telegram channel by clicking here.

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Sky is a great pay-TV and an important producer of content, but to avoid a painful head-on with the broadcast giants, it has been trying for several years to reinvent itself in a fairly new job of compiling content channels and platforms. Sky Glass is part of the hardware evolution of Sky Q, the internet-based ecosystem that allows you to get external apps like Netflix or the newborn Paramount Plus but also the Sky channels themselves that have become apps in Sky Q in turn.

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What does not convince us of the development of Sky Glass devices? The product is definitely very beautiful and has excellent performance. It is a restricted commercial offer to subscribe which we might like less. It’s clearly a consideration we put on the consumer side. On the company side, we understand Sky’s need to also build loyalty through a device It is destined to last for years in the homes of a single subscriber.

So it is clear that the higher the premiums for Sky Glass, the more Sky devices the customer will own. There is nothing wrong with that. But let’s imagine a user today who subscribes to Sky content, receives Netflix via Sky, connects to the Internet through Sky WiFi and has the latest generation of Sky Glass TV. So for that user, going out and switching to a different platform or resource would become real hell.

And then, let’s face it, if we decide to cancel the Sky feature, what will be left of the Sky Glass? It’s now ours of course, but imagine how this TV’s operating system could appear in a trunk without access to Sky world.

We repeat: We understand Skye’s goal is to create loyalty by offering diversified, high quality products. However, we would like to think more of a market where users free themselves from excessive restrictions imposed by service providers. What do you think of this novelty of sky glass? Does he convince you?

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