Under Secretary Costa: “New healthcare with PNRR. Covid, let’s just listen to the science.” Chitoli Alert: “Reversing the Epidemic: More Prevention”

LECCE – “You can change and you must change, but you have to put your face to it: we cannot delegate to others.” – Explains the Undersecretary of Greetings from Andrea Costa From the lychee stage. Salento is also preparing for the great PNRR challenge: research, medicine, digitalization and innovation. It’s an opportunity to get health care shattered by the pandemic back on its feet. The queues are long and the preemptive examination suffers a sudden slowdown, also because the public has not learned to dialogue with the virtuous individual, who conducts highly effective tests, but constantly cuts his budgets.

Prof. Chitoli explains: “The territory should invest in health, not disease – we need to review the system. Undersecretary Costa came to listen to everyone: we must make the voice of our territory heard. There is a need to get back on track with cancer prevention checks. We need to more attention.”

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The war against Covid is not yet won, but Undersecretary Costa asks everyone to believe in science, even with regard to booster vaccines: Italy is focusing on the third dose as a barrier to the fourth wave. “I hope that we are united in the fight against the virus, and that the clash is not fueled, but clear and reassuring messages are sent – the agent explains – in the third dose we must go fast so as not to undo all the good that has been done until today. Now, with PNRR, We have 19 billion available for healthcare: we must put it to good use, with shared participatory pathways. We can invest in infrastructure, telemedicine and much more.”

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Lecce County Committee for Political Movement”We are with Italy”, today Friday 12 November, inside the Angels restaurant at the Zenit Hotel In Lecce, she organized a meeting with the undersecretary for health in the Draghi government, Andrea Costa. The meeting is part of two days in Puglia, which started today and will end on Tomorrow with the capital Salento rally. The undersecretary explains that in Lecce, a network of a party is being born that feels more comfortable in a center-right coalition at the national level (“but only if the temperate zone grows” – warns the undersecretary), but still wants to promote ideas and projects that arise from below. “Many skills and experience are put together for the common good, even here in Salento. The goal today is to restore confidence and hope to those citizens who have stopped voting. We together with Italy are moving forward with these goals”- explains Costa. In the minitour, the undersecretary meets civil and religious figures, working the reality of the business worldRe in health. Organizers in Lecce I thought of this opportunity for the Territory and invited to attend the meeting above all advocates belonging to the world of work, including associations such as Confindustria, Confcommercio, the Doctors Guild, but also representatives of bathing establishments and the world of discos, social operators,Entrepreneurship in healthcare, institutions, the world of politics and information – explains the regional coordinator of “Noi con l’Italia – Gianfranco delle Rose – ask the undersecretary to attend Andrea Costa It imposes on us the duty/right to make known the real situation in which our county finds itself in the health and environment sector by submitting a large number of proposals, ideas, projects, programs and complaints. Everything was organized by the movement’s new regional secretariat.We are with Italy, The party formed by the Hon. Maurizio Lupi less than two years ago, but she doesn’t want it to have any partisan connotation at all, we’ve left room for the many voices out there to communicate Something and more will be emphasized on the idea that, in the interest of the inhabitants of the territory, a common front should be created for good projects aimed at achieving the goal. ”

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