Presentation of the book Witness Miracles. Between Science and Faith by Carlo Joffin

Presentation of the book Witness Miracles.  Between Science and Faith by Carlo Joffin

* “Human beings have always challenged the finitude of time by entrusting faith with their instinctive hope to project themselves beyond the confines of material existence. But the real novelty is that this hope, today, is also underpinned by science, which opens up revolutionary knowledge destined to change the scale of our values ​​and our conception of the world.

The author of this book recounts his personal experience as a physician to the Vatican Council, called to investigate the mystery of unexplained healing attributed to the intercession of Karol Wojtyla, Albino Luciani, and Mother Teresa, and offers an unprecedented answer to questions posed by man. He always asks himself: “Who are we, where did we come from, where are we going?” , through a documented course between testimonies of faith, stories of holiness and revolutionary evidence produced by science, which also emerges from dialogues with such eminent scholars as Eccles, Montalcini and Zecicchi.

Thus, the book assumes the emergence of a “wise novel” that opens up to readers, in terms of speed of publication, and scenarios that are still unknown at the frontiers of new knowledge. Scenarios in which the existence of the soul and survival after death are no longer only entrusted to the intuition of faith, but are now supported by clear, albeit inconclusive, evidence based on scientific findings.

Interview with the author: Sergio Sammartino, Professor of Philosophy and Columnist, and Setimio Luciano, Director and Professor of Theoretical Philosophy of the Instituto Teologico Abruzzese-Molisano

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