Under investigation he finally risks leaving. It was faster than Verstappen- Corriere.it

The Pole is not worth it but it is a good blow to morale, provided it is not disqualified: it will only be known on Saturday, and the FIA ​​has in fact decided to update the hearing pending the new tests. Lewis Hamilton is faster than Max Verstappen in qualifying in Brazil which sets the starting order for Sprint Qualifiers, the 100km mini race on Saturday (20.30 SkySportF1) that will determine first place.

But the British driver is under investigation over an alleged offense by the DRS, the mobile wing: the question that arose during the FIA’s checks at the end of qualifying. If the car does not comply with the regulations, Hamilton may have to start eventually. According to the analyzes, the movable wing had an aperture greater than the permissible 85 mm. It seemed like a simple decision, but on the Italian night an unprecedented element surfaced, a video of Verstappen touching the rear wing of Red Bull and then stumbling with Hamilton Mercedes’ wing inside Park Fermi. The regulation forbids touching cars there, and Mercedes could have taken the matter up to the commissioners as well as Verstappen’s second place in jeopardy.

TheWe’ve already seen it at Sprint Race in Silverstone and Monza, next year, we’ll find it in at least six physicians with modifications to the format. The dominant state by making use of the new engine cavalry. In the second row, Bottas and Perez. Ferrari doesn’t shine behind Gasly’s AlphaTauri. Sainz is sixth and Leclerc is seventh behind McLaren Norris and Ricciardo. In Maranello they expected to struggle at Interlagos, it wasn’t the best start but there is plenty of time to recover.

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Tsunoda Gasly, merciless confrontation

The difference in performance between Tsunoda and Gasly is astounding: the French are solidly in the top ten with AlphaTauri (fifth this time), while the Japanese companion takes a killer paycheck. Also in Brazil cue, 13 times in front of two Alfa (first Raikkonen then Giovinazzi) and behind Vettel and Akon.

Dilud Russell

In the first session, Leclerc’s Q1 time is canceled 5 minutes after the end for crossing track limits. It forced Monegasque to install a set of tires to get back on track and avoid elimination and success. Mazepine, Schumacher, Russell, Latif and Strol are immediately eliminated. The lackluster performance of England’s Williams, who will join Hamilton next year, has shown little in some races.

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