The principal doesn’t suspend himself from school so he doesn’t get vaccinated

RIVER VENETO – “Science, true science, will never allow itself to force a person to be vaccinated without first having done all the necessary tests.” And again: “True science knows very well that even one life at stake out of a thousand is equal to the same life as those in 999. True science will never allow itself to turn commitment into blackmail that sees people’s right to work ‘forbidden.'” And whoever supports this Unhealthy ideology contributes to the destruction of the entire society.” Then “signature”: Flavio PiccoloA school principal “was forced to leave his school because he did not want to make the order paper”. With these words, and making great use of the extensive but somewhat repetitive collection of no-vax samples, the Director of the Comprehensive Fiume Veneto Institute welcomed his school. Its schools are truly inclusive. He did, however, using a trick, typical in no-vax fronds at least as the ref: He left Fiume Veneto school using leave to help a family member.

Schiavonia’s chief medical officer: “We are receiving warning letters from a No Vax lawyer”

There is one last detail: The principal should check the green lane (in this case reinforced) by the other institute members. However, in this case, the no-fax itself is to blame. The picture becomes complicated, unless there is a formal appointment of an alternate observer or guardian of the institute. Yesterday was the most prominent example of the confrontation of the “hard and pure” vaccine. What makes the noise is above all the fact that it was the principal of the school who stopped the road, effectively leaving the institution in disarray.

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The epic of the penitent doctor and the grafter no facsimile: “I work for free, it will not merge me”

Compulsory vaccination for those who work in the school

Since yesterday, the vaccination has also become mandatory for those who work in the school world. There is a margin for adaptation of course, but the actions are in motion and the hourglass is working now. In the province of Pordenone, no serious cases such as those that characterized – negatively – the Comprehensive Instituto Fiume Veneto have been reported. But the regulatory machine is officially in motion.

Primary schools and kindergartens, alternative emergencies: There is now a risk of merging classes and reducing working hours

In fact, at every school in the district, principals hand-delivered invitations to staff in institutes who had not yet been vaccinated, and who, even a few hours before entering class, could only use a swab. “Some – explained the president of the association of Fvg directors, Theresa Tassan Fayol – reject the written note but the director prepares the report which is valid as a notice and from that moment the five days of sending the documents begin. At the moment (apart from the Veneto River, ed.) there are no particular critical aspects in the schools of the Pordenone region. The number of “irregular” will stabilize soon ». There was clearly no shortage of warnings with plenty of “signatures” from some law firms to present on the principals’ desk. This documentation was already known when a basic green pass was required to work. It has already ended without consequences in the drawers.

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