Beyond Good & Evil 2 is nearing cancellation, according to Tom Henderson –

Beyond Good & Evil 2 is nearing cancellation, according to Tom Henderson –

According to the latest rumor shared by well-known insider Tom Henderson, the development of Beyond Good and Evil 2 In a deadlock, so much so that, according to some developers working on the project, the game is now About to cancel.

As usual, Deep Throat shared his “tips” on Twitter, where he said development is in crisis because ofLack of creative direction, which was exacerbated when Michel Ancel left the video game world in September of last year, and thus also the direction of the project.

Moreover, the game appears to be unsuitable for Ubisoft’s future goals and ambitions. The situation is so gray that for some developers, it seems that the official cancellation is now only a matter of time.

“Development of Beyond Good & Evil 2 has been in crisis due to a lack of creative direction since the game went into production, which was exacerbated by Michel Ancel’s departure in September 2020,” Henderson says.

“What’s worse is that the game currently does not fit into Ubisoft’s future ambitions and goals. The game has been described as ‘Skull & Bones 2.0’ and although it hasn’t been officially canceled, some developers believe it’s just a matter of time.”

Tom Henderson is a prolific source of information and has been leaked from the gaming world, but we are still talking about unofficial information that should be taken with caution.

It has to be said, however, that the last time we saw Beyond Good & Evil 2 in action was in 2018. In short, despite Ubisoft’s promises and job announcements regarding the project, we wouldn’t be too surprised if the game actually came out omitted.

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