Novak Djokovic: Australia is investigating possible false travel authorization

Australian Border Force investigates possible travel authorization violation Novak Djokovic before arriving in the country. write it on guardian, which tells how the tennis champ said he hadn’t traveled for two weeks before his intercontinental journey. But a series of Mail Social media showed that the tennis player was in Belgrade on Christmas Day as he did Documented Also to open. He then traveled to Australia from Spain on January 4. Government agency in recent days as posted A statement confirming that Djokovic had access to his phone.

The December 25 tweet shows Novak with Petar Djurdic of Benfica. In the meantime, the government decides what to do with the case. Instead of making a decision within 4 hours yesterday the executive Taking one day. Meanwhile, there was a phone call between the first and second shows: the Serbian colleague Anna Bernabke he has Requested a Scott Morrison “Dignified treatment” of his fellow citizen. But the lights are on Alex Hawk. The Minister of Immigration could, in theory, cancel the visa again and expel the No. 1 tennis player in the world. But the decision will open a new legal challenge. To cancel the visa, Hawke could theoretically settle the reason for cancellation such as a threat to public safety. But judges can overrule it. So here’s the idea of ​​distortion. In his announcement as a traveler to Australia, filed on January 1, Djokovic responded with “no” to the question: “Have you traveled or will you travel within the 14 days prior to your trip to Australia?”. Djokovic said in documents submitted to the Federal District Court, that he authorized his agent to make this statement on January 1, before traveling to Melbourne from Spain via Dubai on January 4.

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