Un Posto al Sole August 8, 2022 Previews: Where has Chiara gone?

Un Posto al Sole August 8, 2022 Previews: Where has Chiara gone?

Predictions for the episode Un Posto al Sole that aired August 8, 2022 on Rai 3 reveal that Bruni junior still fails. On the other hand, the Cammarota is more and more determined to find Petrone!

In the’episode From place in the sun From Monday August 8, 2022And the viola She is working hard to restore calm between them Ornella And the Raphael; However, for now, it seems that their relationship has been definitively compromised. Meanwhile, while FrancoAnd the Angela And the white They are about to leave for the holidays, Ambassador He wants to put his plan into action to find it again Clear…but let’s find out together what they reveal in detail progress subordinate bet who will broadcast the day after tomorrow in 20:45 on me Rai 3.

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Ornella no longer trusts Raffaele, in predictions for the August 8 episode

apparently, The marriage between Raffaele and Ornella is doomed. betrayed herAnd when he found out, I started pushing him away. Giordano Sr.’s attempts were futile To regain his confidence and heart: Bruni the Elder, the wounded, now stop believing and appreciating him. But And the doctor stopped loving him?

A place in the sun forecast: Viola can’t do that!

Viola is convinced that Ornella, in fact, doesn’t really want to lock up her husband forever. Although the teacher realizes how much the mother suffers and suffers RaphaelHe still believes that the best thing for both of them is to be back together forever. Young Bruni, in fact, tries to make them reconcile… but, unfortunately, the tensions between the spouses are in crisis.

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The purpose is in search of Kiara, waiting for the August 8 episode

Franco, Angela and Bianca leave for the holidays. And the Ambassador? The boy does not hear the reasons: He too will leave, but to track down Kiara. Kamarota can’t accept leaving his girlfriend without him. like him, Ambassador He had come up with a plan that would not only allow him to find her, but even get back to be with her Petron. The Katya’s son Will he succeed in the project?

place in the sunthe long-lived Naples series, broadcasts from Monday to Friday in 20:45 on me Rai 3.

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