Holes have been discovered at the bottom of the ocean: science wonders itself

Holes have been discovered at the bottom of the ocean: science wonders itself

A group of scientists traveling on a ship with the aim of undertaking ocean exploration expeditions find themselves dealing with a certain series of… Holes on the ocean floor. Immediately a different bewilderment arose about these holes, which contain all the air from being artificial, so man made them specially, even if we do not know for what reason.

For this reason, scientists are wondering and would like to be able to understand more about the nature of these particular wormholes that primarily affect North Central Atlantic Ridge. It is a puzzle that must be solved.

What are the man-made holes at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean?

This all happened by chance, because scientists were on the path of natural exploration, when they suddenly found themselves encountering these holes on the ocean floor. mysterious nature.

So they decided to make Mapping operations, which includes, in addition to the Mid-Atlantic mountain range, also the Azores plateau. In fact, there is a lot of curiosity about what appears to be a real mystery.

Scientists reported that they tracked several sublinear holes, which were previously reported to be located in the same ocean region. They had the chance to see that there are gods Small accumulations of sediment About holes, which indicates how these holes are drilled by something we don’t know what it is.

Scientists ask web users

Also to try to elucidate the nature and origin of these holes in the ocean, experts decided to engage web users, asking them to intervene with personal assumptions.

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The reactions and comments of network users were many, and they are all different. Some, for example, have speculated that these are marks left by aliens, because they believe aliens traveled billions of light years and then left these footprints on the ocean floor.

The answers other users gave based on some of the answers were really surreal unknown species. For example, one user suggested that all this may be due to an unknown species of crab hiding in holes to search for its prey.

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Then there are some More realistic assumptionssuch as those users who consider organic rupture and seismic stresses along tectonic plates.

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