Meloni government? Now it has begun, let’s see… Dessert must be tasted »-

Meloni government?  Now it has begun, let’s see… Dessert must be tasted »-

Comprehensive “confession” by actor Marco Giellini. After all, the journalist Peter Gomez who proposes his show (at Nove, Fridays late in the evening) has exactly the ambition to make his guests leave themselves. Thus, the actor and translator of the novel “Rocco Schiavone” (Last Friday) spoke about many things.

The Giallini – from a working class family – also worked as a ‘bibitaro’ and house painter, before embarking on an artistic career. who comes from a leftist family, What do you think of Georgia Meloni as prime minister? Do you like it or not? ‘ asked the conductor. “I don’t know yet, it’s starting now, let’s see. In short, if I immediately dismiss Schiavone (the deputy commissioner of the novel, with a slightly unique character, who smokes knuckles, ed.), perhaps there will be some grievance on my part … ». “As the British say, dessert must be tasted,” Gomez later said, referring to Meloni’s government. “Bravo, the pudding is a must-try.”.

Who, after further questions about the left in Italy, admitted: «Yes, of course, yes. I am disappointed by this big hole. It would take thinking minds to say: “We are c.. of man,” that is, we are a human race, let us try to be a little better together ».

Then private space. The passage in which Gialini spoke of the grave mourning that befell him was very intenseTwelve years after my wife’s death, I still haven’t turned to mourning. I live next to her, like Marina with Rocco Schiavone ». He married his wife Lourdana, the mother of his two children, in 1993 She passed away in July 2011 due to a cerebral hemorrhage. He added, “I’m sorry for my children. I don’t want to make anyone cry on TV, but in short, for two little kids, one five and one 12, who go to the beach, something so sudden is a terrible thing. That’s terrible for me, It is terrible for those who suffered it yesterday and for those who will suffer from it Let’s hope it never happens to anyone againBut it is a useless wish.”

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