Ukraine will urgently receive Patriot missiles from the United States, as well as from Spain

The United States is committed to doing so Accelerating the shipment of weapons to Ukraine After President Joe Biden signed a new $6 billion military aid package into law on Wednesday.

he US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin This Friday at a meeting of the Contact Group for the Defense of Ukraine confirmed thatA shipment of Patriot air defense missiles and artillery munitions This will be done quickly. This announcement comes in response to the desperate demands of Volodymyr Zelensky, who requested weapons “urgently” from his allies.

The announced aid package will be provided to Ukraine Patriots and also dronesWhich will respond to the Russian advance on the Eastern Front. Support which, according to Lloyd Austin himself, does not represent a miracle solution for Kiev, but should be integrated into other air defense systems equipped with missiles.

The arms shipment sent by the United States is part of one Expansion of aid packages by Western countries. Countries such as the United Kingdom, Germany and Spain will also send this type of weapons and artillery.

Spain participates in sending missiles

defense minister, Margaret Roblesannounced that Spain will send Ukraine a group of Long-range anti-aircraft missiles. The aid provided by the Spanish government, which is expected to arrive within three days, includes ammunition, medicines and first aid kits.

Robles said this during the meeting of ministers of the Contact Group for the Defense of Ukraine, where he also noted that Equipping new Leopard tanks “Progress is on schedule” and the units will be ready before the end of June.

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Attacks on power plants are intensifying

The shortage of air defense systems has become clear in recent hours Russia has attacked Ukraine's key infrastructure. On Saturday, Kremlin forces bombed power plants in central and western Ukraine.

Attack with ballistic missiles and cruise missiles is The fourth large-scale air attack Targeted the Ukrainian electricity system last month.

The Russian army is also launching an attack on Kharkiv in northeastern Ukraine. This morning A hospital in the area was bombed One patient was injured.

An attack on a hospital in Kharkiv this morning cut off water and electricity supplies for about 60 patients (Reuters/Sofia Jatilova)

Ukraine, for its part, responded with Long-range drone airstrike on oil refineries in Ilsky and SlavyanskReuters news agency learned in the Russian Krasnodar region.

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