“When you attack judges and journalists, you resign from democracy.”

“When you attack judges and journalists, you resign from democracy.”

The head of the People's Party and head of the opposition in Spain, Alberto Nunez Figo, warned Pedro Sanchez that “when you attack judges, courts, journalists and the media, He resigns from democracy».

Feijóo has asked the audience not to be fooled. He added: “Spain does not have a problem. The person who has a political and judicial problem is Sanchez.” The popular leader confirmed that both the Spanish Prime Minister and the Giants candidate are “threatening.”

He pointed out that “one is for returning and the other is for leaving.” Therefore I insist onThe Catalans should not wait for the problems that Puigdemont facesNeither is Spain Sanchez. “The problems of citizens are much more important,” he said.

Feijóo is the first weekend of the Catalan election campaign. Saturday morning began with a visit to the oil company in Tortosa.

He pointed out in an intervention before the media without questions, that “it is not ethical or polite to convey the problems of the (Spanish) president to all the citizens of Catalonia and Spain.” I He has vowed “not to change” his agenda, despite Sanchez's break “to reflect.”

On the other hand, Vigo took advantage of the visit to the company to express his regret over the “lack of priority” towards the primary sector by both the central government and the general state. He called for lower taxes and a more flexible PAC.

Fernandez committed to 'political stability and legal security'

Before Figo, the candidate of the General People's Congress, Alejandro Fernandez, intervened, who chose “Political stability, legal security and moderate taxes» For the return of Catalan companies that moved their headquarters during the process.

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“Nationalism began to deny that these companies were leaving, and His latest proposal was to fine companies that left», lamented the popularity.

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