The cat chooses the right home

The cat chooses the right home

Straight out of the cold of winter, Aslan looks for help: it doesn’t come from a magical wardrobe, but an orange cat knocking on the window.

Aslan (Facebook – Un chat à la fois / One cat at a time)

There are two categories of cats: those who manage to live on their own and never ask for help, and those who do not hesitate to do so. Knocking on houses From someone for a welcome shelter. Each cat has its own story, as is the case with Aslan, the orange cat who appeared out of nowhere, cold and sick looking for shelter and a place to call home.

The story of Aslan: The orange cat knocks on the window seeking salvation

Aslan that it European stray cat Orange who did his best to get as much as possible. However, life dealt him more than the kitten could handle. There was only one thing left for him to do: knock on windows in the neighborhood for help. On Valentine’s Day in particular, the little miracle of love happens.

Aslan knocks on the window (Facebook – Un chat à la fois / One cat at a time)

On February 14, a woman named Jaylee heard strange noises coming from outside her house. I immediately went out to investigate and found the orange tabby, in the snow, pawing at her door, meowing furiously. The woman immediately moved to help the poor cat in difficulty: she took a photo and called Marie Simard, founder Chat in La Foixa Rescue center For cats located in Quebec, Canada. After 30 minutes, the volunteer was already at Gailey’s front door.

Together, the two took the orange cat to the vet for a full examination and from how calm and resilient she was, they immediately realized that they did not have a stray cat in front of them but Abandoned cat. The volunteer renamed the cat Aslan in honor of the lion in the series Chronicles of Narnia. Aslan was not talented chip He was not neutered, but it was clear that he had been living in the house up to that point. However, searches yielded nothing.

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Aslan (Facebook – Un chat à la fois / One cat at a time)

Visit from veterinarian It was found that Aslan, in addition to being frozen, had rotten teeth, a bite wound, fleas, worms, diabetes, and skin allergies. He had to stay in the hospital for a few days to stabilize before going to his adoptive family. Many recommended euthanasia given how bad his condition was, but the two volunteers did not want to give up Aslan.

Grateful for his rescue, the orange cat didn’t stop fighting for a day. Between the love, cuddles, and veterinary care, the cat faced an ever-increasing journey of recovery. Within a few days, Aslan Recover He was ready to finish his recovery in a foster home with his rescuer, Jaylee. From a foster family, it was then forever that Jaylee fell in love with the sweet orange cat.

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