Russia-Ukraine war, live news – Putin threatens: “New sanctions will make things worse”. In Kharkiv “2000 dead, 100 children”. Mouloud: ‘It’s going to get worse in the next few days’

Russia-Ukraine war, live news – Putin threatens: “New sanctions will make things worse”.  In Kharkiv “2000 dead, 100 children”.  Mouloud: ‘It’s going to get worse in the next few days’

Mouloud: ‘No-fly zone is not in the plans’

Allies provide their support to Ukraine, and we are increasing it in several ways. It is a defining moment for Kiev. The no-fly zone was mentioned “in the discussion” but there are no plans to operate in Ukrainian airspace or to send our forces.” This was stated by NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg at a press conference. He added: “We understand the desperation of the Ukrainians – he added – we have implemented the most severe sanctions ever. We call on Putin to stop this war, but we have a responsibility to prevent an escalation beyond Ukraine.”

Mouloud: “The coming days will be worse”

This is the worst military aggression in decades, with the bombing of cities, schools, hospitals and apartment buildings, and attacks on nuclear power plants. The coming days are likely to be worse, with more deaths and more destruction.” This was stated by NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg at a conference held after the Extraordinary Summit of NATO Foreign Ministers.

Communication has been cut off in Kherson region

Telecommunications and the mobile phone network were cut off in the Kherson region, a city in southern Ukraine under the control of the Russian military. The Oblast Council reported that “the occupiers cut off the communications of the Kievstar and Vodafone operators throughout the region.”

Kyiv: “The workers of Zaporizhzhya are working under the threat of Russia”

Workers of the Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant, who were attacked by Russian troops at night, “work at gunpoint.” Reports CNN Quoting Petro Kotin, President of Energoatom, the Ukrainian state company that operates four nuclear power plants in the territory. Kotin said that Russian forces “entered the area of ​​the nuclear power plant and took control of the workers and management of the plant. The employees were given permission to enter the plant to work.”

Di Maio: “The channel was opened with Russia to evacuate civilians”

On the issue of humanitarian corridors, “We opened a red line with Russia to evacuate civilians from Ukraine. It is work that we will do from a humanitarian point of view with the Crisis and Intelligence Unit, I would like to thank all the Italian state agencies that we will be doing to evacuate the children from the bombs, the families who no longer have a home. . Because the Russian army also hit civilian targets.” This was stated by Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio at the conclusion of the NATO Foreign Ministers Summit.

Poroshenko: “The Russians will never enter Kyiv”

The Russian army and Russian President Vladimir Putin “have no chance” to take over Kyiv. This was stated by the former President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, in an interview with one of the Polish TV channels. “In Ukraine, we just want to be free. We want to be democratic. We want to be European and never give up. There is no possibility that Kyiv will be taken over by Putin. We are well organized and united,” he said, stressing that many soldiers The Russians have already died in battle on the territory of Ukraine. Putin does not admit it, but he knows this data. This is another evidence that he is a liar. The ruins of Ukrainian cities, from Kharkiv to Irbin, and from Kherson to Bucha, are the evidence that will lead Putin to appear before the Criminal Court and international arrests for war crimes.

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Putin: I advise our neighbors not to escalate the situation

There are no ill intentions towards our neighbors. I also advise them not to aggravate the situation and not to impose any restrictions, we fulfill all our obligations and will continue to fulfill them. “This was stated by Russian President Vladimir Putin, in the words of InterfaxAnd the Participation via video in a party. We do not see here the need to aggravate the situation or to worsen our relations. And all our actions, if they occur, always arise exclusively in response to some hostilities against the Russian Federation. ”I think that everyone should think about how to normalize relations and cooperate normally.”

London calls for the formation of an urgent United Nations Security Council

British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss has requested an urgent meeting of the UN Security Council after the Russian attack on the Ukrainian nuclear power plant in Zaporizhia, Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced last night after a phone call with President Volodymyr Zelensky.

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