AI is also creeping into mice: the revolution starts with Logitech

AI is also creeping into mice: the revolution starts with Logitech

Artificial Intelligence is creeping in everywhere: in fact, it is present in almost all business sectors. Now common mice have also entered.

to'artificial intelligence It is gradually revolutionizing the world and modern society, especially in different sectors of work. This technology, bordering on science fiction, is able to replace humans in some specific roles, e.g In creating new products or in writing texts.

The mouse, this is the model with artificial intelligence –

And not only that: AI-based programs can also create a file A piece of musicfrom picture Very realistic and fresh design. However, industry experts are concerned about the spread of fake news, as artificial intelligence has all the capabilities to deceive others. At this time, artificial intelligence took over Common miceThanks to a certain technology.

Artificial intelligence comes to mice

Swiss company Logitech International S.A., founded in 1981 At Apple, it has recently created an innovative computer mouse. It is a revolutionary portable pointing device, featuring a dedicated artificial intelligence button. This innovative mouse from Logitech It is part of the Signature AI editionwhich is a special version of the traditional indicator.

Artificial intelligence mouse
The arrival of the AI ​​mouse –

In the current historical moment, almost all companies are trying to bring AI everywhere: in smartphones, computers, cars, watches and many other devices. However, this particular one Technology at the borders of science fiction Not always useful, some devices can actually function properly even without AI-based software.

In fact, a large number of companies are trying to attract consumers by printing the famous three words on the product: “With Artificial Intelligence.” In many cases, artificial intelligence is included just to make the article as attractive as possible. That's why everyone is watching To a real expansion in artificial intelligencewhich is gradually invading the daily life of millions of people.

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Artificial intelligence has recently… She also makes her first appearance in the world of miceThis is thanks to the Swiss company Logitech, which created it Signature AI Mouse EditionAnd the. So what are the main features of this innovative indicator? First of all, it is a modern version of the model Signature M750. What distinguishes it from the latter is above all the presence of a new button, which is used to start the Logi AI Prompt Builder application, which is managed by ChatGPT.

In other words, the user has the ability to directly interact with the AI ​​by simply pressing a button, which in this case is on the mouse. application Logi AI prompt builder Therefore, it does not strengthen the mouse, but only shortens the time. Instead of opening a menu and browsing windows, the user can quickly launch the ChatGPT-based application with a mouse click.

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