Ukraine, war calendar and grim scenario for American generals –

Ukraine, war calendar and grim scenario for American generals –
to Joseph Sarsina

After the winter stalemate, the fighting will resume in the spring: that is why Zelensky is asking for more weapons. And the front ready to send them expands (even if Germany’s delay weighs)


Rammstein summit War calendar update. The head of the Pentagon, Lloyd Austin, stamped the forecasts issued by many American and European research centers. In the spring there will be an even more bloody and brutal confrontation between the Russians and the Ukrainians.. Putin’s army will re-launch its offensive from east to west, focusing, among other things, on recapturing Kherson, the city leading to Odessa, which also guarantees the safety of Crimea.

Moreover, it is necessary to pay attention to the sentence made by General Mark Milley, Commander of the US Armed Forces, on Friday at the end of the press conference: It is difficult to imagine that in 2023 the Ukrainians will be able to liberate the territories occupied by the Russiansas of February 24, 2022.

If we classify Austin’s words and Millie’s words, we get a dismal scenario. First: The danger that the Ukrainians might be overwhelmed by the shock force of 300,000 enemy soldiers will soon re-emerge.. A risk that was thwarted last year. But the Americans argue that the Russians may be better organized this time around. Second: Milley’s expectations for 2023 mean that the United States does not see the possibility of negotiations between now and the end of December. The military and political levels overlap. The Pentagon urges allies to hand over territory as soon as possible I promised Volodymyr Zelensky weapons. Not only that, according to Washington, Ukrainian soldiers need to be trained quickly to use more advanced weapons, such as Patriot missiles.

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At the same time The Western alliance must position itself to survive in the long term. It’s not easy: it’s a bit like getting ready to run both a sprint and a marathon. In this sense, Zelensky said, time is now a strategic weapon, just like aircraft and artillery. The interpretation of the war calendar sparked a political dispute that could have malignant effects. At Rammstein Summit, Zelensky’s message of dramatic urgency was welcomed by a larger group than ever before. And Austin brought it back. Besides the United States, we find not only the United Kingdom, Poland and the Baltic states. This means the most interfering country since the first day of the war. Now, however, there is also Canada, Sweden, the Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, and, as Defense Minister Guido Croceto announced, there is also Italy. This is why RGerman decision to send Leopard 2 tanks It caused not only a stir, but also concern. In the coming days, many governments, starting with the US government, will ask German Chancellor Olaf Scholz to focus on the right year. It is not about the scars of 1941 (the Nazi attack on Russia), but about the grave dangers ahead in 2023.

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