JFK, from the declassified papers, the political Soviet influence appeared again

Repeating the alleged Soviet allegation in the 1963 assassination of former US President John Fitzgerald Kennedy. Joe Biden’s administration almost published 1500 pages of documents kept secret until nowWhich historians hope will shed light on his death.
According to media reports, in the papers published by the National Archives, there are notes about CIA agents captured immediately after the shooting, which took place on November 22 in Dallas. But interesting indicators will also appear on the alleged Soviet path, starting with the news that the killer Lee Harvey Oswald met Consul Valery Vladimirovich Kostikov, a KGB agent, on September 29, 1963, two months before the assassination in Mexico City. The meeting was also mentioned in previous documents, but today new details have emerged, even if it is not yet clear who requested the appointment.
Also in the newspapers is a note about anonymous phone calls made with the US Embassy in Canberra, Australia, a year before the assassination. The person making the calls claimed that the Soviet government was planning to kill Kennedy. Another phone call was made on November 24, two days after the murder, claiming that Moscow was behind JFK’s death. Oswald’s wife, who was Russian, is mentioned in all the files: in one of them it will be explained how a Moroccan student contacted the CIA after the shooting claiming to be her boyfriend, although it is not known what the connection was. Investigation information.
There are about 10,000 pages that Congress has requested declassification since 1992. Biden’s next deadline is December 15, 2022, when the remaining documents will be thoroughly reviewed and then published.. According to the US president’s order, agencies wishing to continue withholding certain documents beyond the next year’s deadline must provide the White House “with an unclassified index identifying all of the agency’s reasons for proposing a postponement.”
For CNN, the release of newspapers will likely perpetuate the bitter debate between the federal government and the researchers involved in the JFK murder, who have always maintained that the CIA, the FBI and other national security agencies have consistently obstructed organized publication by Congress. Moreover, according to numerous opinion polls, the majority of Americans do not believe the official conclusion of the Warren Commission that Oswald acted alone in killing Kennedy.

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