Alfa Romeo, is a new spider on the way? Crazy lines

Alfa Romeo, is a new spider on the way?  Crazy lines

This is what the profile of the new Alfa Romeo Spider could look like. Alfa Romeo home could be tempted by this great offer.

After a very complicated period, Alfa Romeo is once again seeing a glimmer of light. The past few years have been in the red in terms of sales, also due to the increasingly simplified price list. The departure of models such as the MiTo and Giulietta did not help. On the other hand, the arrival of powerful SUVs, such as the Stelvio and Tonale, has many purists turning up their noses.

Alfa Romeo logo (Ansa pictures)

The house from Arese has become famous all over the world, thanks to the classic and elegant lines of its sneakers. The Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale, C53 Disco Volante, 1900 Sport Spider and 1750 GT Veloce running through the Duetto up to the 8C Competizione are among the most amazing cars of all time. Inevitably, a fan of the Alfa Romeo brand wants power and sportiness. In any case, the decision to focus on SUVs can also be seen as the last card to keep up with the current fashion.

We shouldn’t be too dumbfounded by the success of high-wheelers. Just ask Porsche which, thanks to the Cayenne, was able to breathe in terms of sales, saving a brand in crisis. Without going overboard, Lamborghini also increased its recent annual sales thanks to the Urus. After the release of Stelvio and Tonale, purists also want to be able to dream. The Italian home, which is part of the Stellantis group, also runs a lot on electricity. The top management of Stellantis decided to change the image of brands such as Lancia, Alfa Romeo and also Maserati which recently offered its trident on the single-seater Gen3 Formula E.

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The release times of 8C and 4C seem far away. Fortunately, the big bosses also seem to have remembered what Biscione is to the Italians. In recent months, there has also been talk of the possibility of seeing a new spider again on the road. The name of the legendary Duetto, which was produced between 1966 and 1994, could also be reinvigorated. Almost everything depends on the economic situation of Alfa. If the conditions are right, we could soon see an adorable spider with the Biscione emblem on Italian roads.

Presentation of the new Alfa Romeo spider

In addition to SUVs, the current range of the Ares-based company offers only the Giulia. The sedan has taken a clear stylistic direction and the new Discovery can take its cues from the flagship, suggesting the same front end. As you can see below, in the video posted to the Rons Rides YouTube channel, the lines are outlined. The display highlights the rugged design with large air intakes. However, thanks to the well-detailed graphical representation, we can enjoy a car that deserves to be produced. The leaders have not yet decided to launch the new project, but look at the beauties.

The shapes of this gem take on some concepts already seen in the past. It is legitimate to imagine it with a powerful heat engine. Electricity in these cases can wait. Such a car is clatter-worthy, like its predecessors. It’s not just a matter of sound, but also driving pleasure. Full electric cars are not the best in terms of handling, other than a very strong push in the first metres. The pickup is amazing, but whoever buys a two-seater definitely doesn’t do it for the Dragster Concept. The sports car is valued in the curves and, unfortunately, the batteries have a huge weight which greatly limits the driving style in the mixed stretches. The weight of the spider should always be the weight of the featherfollowing Chapman’s “less is more” dictates.

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Naturally, this gem will not be affordable for everyone. Quadrifoglio for the Giulia starts at 99,000 euros, but can boast very precise direct steering, improved suspension and a top speed of more than 300 mph. Spider can be revived in a more peppery version, achieving a higher level performance. Is a new Mito Sport coming? This is how it will be (video). Also take a look at what it might look like The new GTA Tonale.

With its completely renewed mechanics and body compared to the latest factory versions of Alfa Romeo, the new Spyder will be a breath of fresh air. The colors can be different to enhance the bad spirit of sports. Below you can see the car’s eye-catching red, white and gray stripes. It won’t take much for you to feel overwhelmed with passion with Alfa’s trademark thermal rumble. It is logical that manufacturers decide to push cars on tap, but we must also continue to produce powerful sports cars with internal combustion engines. We do not want to reveal any other details. Relax and enjoy these 3 minutes that will make you smile again.

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