WhatsApp: Here’s how to use it as a data bank

WhatsApp: Here’s how to use it as a data bank

It is possible to open a conversation with yourself on WhatsApp: how to do it in a few simple steps and what purposes it can be used for.

For a few weeks now, WhatsApp users have been able to send themselves messages thanks to an update to the app’s functionality. Whether it’s taking notes, forwarding a message, or sending a link, there are plenty of useful ways to take advantage of this feature.

But how was it done? Here’s everything you need to know about how to message yourself on WhatsApp.

Very simple procedure

Messaging yourself on WhatsApp works similarly to starting any other conversation on the app.

to start a conversation with yourself, Follow these steps:

Open WhatsApp in the main Chats tab.

Click on the new chat icon at the bottom right of the screen.

At the top of the contacts list, you’ll see your name with the text of a message to yourself below. Select your profile to open a new chat.

A chat window will open like a normal chat. Here you can write messages and send them to yourself.

Like any other conversation on WhatsApp, messages are end-to-end encrypted. You can send a message to yourself As in any other conversation. When you want to forward a message or share a photo or link, your profile will appear in your contact list as it would in any other chat. Depending on how often you use this feature, your profile will appear in your Frequent Contacts or Recent Chats list.

Next to your name, the wording will also appear You are between brackets. This, along with the text message to yourself in the About section, will make your profile easier to identify. This feature is sure to become a useful hidden WhatsApp trick for users to learn.

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Why this?

Sending yourself a letter can have an amazing array of benefits and utilities. First of all, it can be used as a constant reminder: for example, we can send each other notes, pictures and documents that we will have to work on later, or simple things to keep in mind such as a shopping list or where we parked.

Chat can also become a kind of collection: for example, we can send each other all the family photos that we absolutely want to keep or the ones we want to be safer than a simple gallery.

Then why not, someone may also need to write letters from time to time, and talking to yourself will only benefit you.

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