“Until you become a target.” Russian warning to the West

“Until you become a target.”  Russian warning to the West

Caravans carrying foreign weapons In Ukraine for all intents and purposes a “legitimate goalKremlin forces Russia He draws his red line and sends a clear warning to the West through the mouth of Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov.

Warning from Moscow

Russia has warned the United States of the consequences of arms transfers to Ukraine. Convoys of foreign weapons, which are supplied to Ukraine without thinking, will be legitimate goals Russian Armed ForcesRyabkov said, adding thatReckless transportation of anti-aircraft and anti-tank systems will lead to Serious consequencesThese words lead to potentially explosive scenarios, because much of the West has chosen to provide maximum support to the Ukrainian army. By support we mean not only food, clothing and other basic necessities, but also military equipment, and in fact weapons.

Foreign weapons from Kyiv

If we reconstruct the list of foreign weapons received by Kyiv, we will encounter a rather large list. Before the attack decided Russian President Vladimir Putinconfirmed RepublicUkraine received 2,000 missiles between American Javelins and British NLAWs. Both are capable of striking at a distance of about 3-4 meters and are equipped with a system capable of automatically directing them at designated targets.

Ukrainian forces can also rely on classic RPG-type rocket launchers. Denmark handed over just under 3,000. Norway and Sweden – traditionally neutral in all respects – respectively placed 2,000 M72 and 5,000 Pansarskott respectively, while Germany stopped at 1,000. Kyiv also got nearly 3 thousand stingers, some of which came fromItaliaThe SA14 is from Eastern European countries. The notorious jet-fins are still endangered here, frozen here, loudly requested by Volodymyr Zelensky. On the other hand, about 20 thousand volunteers freely chose to enlist in the Kyiv Foreign Legion.

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Russia’s goal

If Ukraine imposes itself against Russia, a large part of the reason lies precisely in arms The above-mentioned. Thanks to Western support, Kyiv was in fact able to rein in the Russian forces by inflicting severe damage on them, in some cases. So it stands to reason that Moscow wants to prevent the constant flow of aid penetrating the beleaguered country from the west and north.

But how is this material being sent to the epicenter of war? It appears that foreign governments decided to provide material (in some cases military) assistance to Ukraine; However, the physical transportation of shipments is managed by Boy. This, in a way, sorted out everything that is received on Ukrainian lands.

The lights are on Poland, more precisely at the base of Rzeszow, not far from the border with Ukraine. In fact, planes from different states are converging here, ready to deliver equipment for delivery to Kyiv. Well, whether Ukrainian auxiliaries use convoys by land or air to transport minor changes: for Russia, any means of transporting foreign weapons to Ukraine is now considered “legitimate goalto its armed forces.

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