Ukraine: US and allies impose sanctions on Russia – last hour

(ANSA) – Washington, Jan 08 – The Biden administration and its allies are seeking to create tougher financial, technical and military sanctions against Russia. Punitive measures that take effect immediately after a possible invasion of Ukraine. Before the start of the Geneva talks between Moscow and Washington, the New York Times reported. The aim is to clarify what it would cost to take coercive action against Kiev in the view of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

In particular, the NYT has always reported that sanctions under the scrutiny of Washington and its allies are aimed at cutting off major Russian financial institutions from all global transactions and imposing ‘Made in the USA’ technology aimed at the defense sector. ., The space and consumer industry, armed with rebel groups in Ukraine who want to launch a guerrilla operation against the military occupation of Moscow.

Russia’s exclusion from the Swift system, which regulates financial transactions between more than 1,100 banks in 200 countries, as happened with Iran, may be at the forefront of finance. But so far no decision has been made. “This is a high-impact project – sources in the Biden administration explain to the New York Times – a quick response that did not occur in 2014”, the year of the Russian occupation of the Crimean peninsula. (Handle).

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