Safer Cars for Pedestrians: New Crash Tests Coming to the United States

Safer Cars for Pedestrians: New Crash Tests Coming to the United States

NHTSA wants to introduce new safety standards for vulnerable users following the Euro NCAP crash test protocol

US National Transportation Safety Agency (NHTSA) open consultations to submit New security standards for the most vulnerable users. The government agency would like to submit a protocol for evaluating vehicle safety with Vehicle and pedestrian collision test. Something very similar to what was already foreseen in the Euro NCAP crash test protocol.

Improving the safety of American cars for pedestrians and cyclists

the New car design in the USA It seems that it is still far from welcoming a run over pedestrian without causing too many injuries. The IIHS has also recently returned to this topic, defining cyclists’ risk of head injuries as high. the New Car Appraisal Program (NCAP) of National Highway Traffic Safety Administration He wants to provide comparative information about the safety of new vehicles and the availability of new safety features. The result will help consumers in the purchasing stages and encourage manufacturers to advertise Invest more resources Not only in protecting the vehicle occupantsbut also for those outside the same vehicle.

In the USA + 37% accidents between cars and pedestrians

the Consultation initiated by NHTSA Cite data from Traffic accidents in the USATo support the clear need for higher safety standards for vulnerable road users. NHTSA based on data from the Department of Transportation, states that whereas Victims of passenger car passengers decreased from 32,225 in 2000 to 23,824 in 2020during the same time period, pedestrian deaths increased by + 37%compared to 4,739 in 2000 to 6,516 in 2020. These constitute 17% of total road accident deaths in 2020. In contrast, pedestrian injuries in the same year (54,769) were less than 3% of the total self-injuries of vehicle occupants (2,093,246) in 2020.

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Use Refer to AEB Automatic Braking Obligation

although Accidents between vehicles and pedestrians They don’t happen as often as car accidents, they do particularly deadly. An NHTSA study found that, on average, 53 out of 1,000 vehicle-to-pedestrian collisions are fatal. The current US administration has made improving road safety one of its priority goals, in fact the Department of Transportation announced in 2022 With investments of $800 million in more than 500 projects. NHTSA will collect feedback and ratings within 60 days of submitting the proposal and, if approved, also pave the way forAEB automatic braking commitment With pedestrian recognition, mandatory in Europe from 2022 on new cars, but not yet in the USA.

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