Afghanistan, the child lost in the chaos of the airport is brought back to his grandfather who remained in Kabul

Sohail Ahmadi, the child who was desperately handed over to an American soldier through the wall of Kabul airport during the days of the American evacuation from Afghanistan, has returned to his grandfather who remains in the Afghan capital. From the little baby who was only two months old in August, He didn’t hear anything else until december, The press found out that Sohail was Take care of her taxi driver His name is Hamid Safi, 29, from Kabul, and those days he found him at the airport and brought him to his home. After weeks of negotiations, and finally brief detention by Taliban police, taxi driver Safi today returned the child to his grandfather and other relatives who remained in Kabul. To break the news agency Reuters. We now need to find out how he is reunited with his parents and siblings who have been evacuated to the United States in recent months. Mirza Ali Ahmadi and his wife Soraya – the boy’s parents – feared that their son would be crushed during the operations. Therefore, they desperately decided to entrust it to the soldiers behind the gate. After the little boy’s disappearance, his father said, “I searched everywhere for three days, but there was no children’s area. I asked more than twenty people, but I don’t speak English so I couldn’t even tell who the captain was.”

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