Ukraine, “the United States is ready to send Patriot missiles”

Ukraine, “the United States is ready to send Patriot missiles”

The United States is preparing to send the Patriot missile defense system to Ukraine. According to CNN, the show could be announced as early as this week. According to broadcast sources, the approval of Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and President Joe Biden is expected, which is taken for granted.

It is unclear how many Patriot batteries will be sent to Ukraine, which has long asked it to counter massive Russian missile attacks. Each battery contains radar, computers, generators, a control system, and eight launchers, each with four missiles.

Patriot is the most effective defense system against ballistic and cruise missiles. Once the plan is approved, the Patriot missiles will be quickly sent to Ukraine, while Ukrainian soldiers will be trained to use them at the US base in Grafenauer, Germany. Kiev has long requested these defense systems, but their supply poses huge logistical problems. Despite these obstacles, a senior US official told CNN, referring to the Russian missile strikes, that the US government decided to send them due to “the reality of what is happening on the ground.”

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