Ukraine – the United States direct supports the creation of a special court for Russian crimes. IAEA: “Clashes in Zaporizhia are increasing”

Ukraine – the United States direct supports the creation of a special court for Russian crimes.  IAEA: “Clashes in Zaporizhia are increasing”

2.5 billion USD in Kiev

Ukrainian Prime Minister Denis Shmygal confirmed that the US administration will send Kiev a new economic aid package worth $2,500 million. The money will come through the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development project, and will be allocated to pay the salaries of doctors, retirees, the displaced, and help low-income families. “Since the beginning of the year – the government emphasized – Ukraine has received nearly $5 billion from the European Union and more than $2 billion from the United States.” Ukraine has estimated a budget deficit of more than 33.2 billion euros for the year, and it will use almost all the revenues received by the government to improve the country’s military sector.

The United States supports the creation of a special court for Russian crimes in Ukraine

The United States has expressed support for the creation of a special tribunal to try Russia for the “crime of aggression” against Ukraine, an idea promoted by the European Union. A State Department spokesman said: “The United States supports the establishment of a special tribunal for the crime of aggression against Ukraine in the form of an international tribunal rooted in the Ukrainian judicial system and including international elements.”

The United States will prevent the exchange of data on nuclear forces with Russia

The United States has told Russia that it will no longer share data about its nuclear forces in response to Moscow’s decision to suspend its participation in the New START treaty to reduce atomic weapons, the Wall Street Journal writes, citing US leaders. “This is our first action under the treaty in response to Russia’s comment,” a senior Biden administration official said. Our goal is to encourage Russia to return to compliance with the treaty.” According to international law, a White House source explained, the United States has the right to respond to Russia’s violations of the New Start Treaty by adopting “proportionate and reversible countermeasures to induce Russia to return to its obligations.” He added, “This means that because Russia’s alleged suspension of the New Start Treaty is legally invalid, the United States is legally entitled to withhold updating its biannual data in response to Russia’s violations.”

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Kiev drone crash near Moscow

A drone has crashed in an area called New Moscow near the Russian capital. According to reports by Russian media such as Baza, the car was painted yellow and blue and had “Glory to Ukraine” written on the wings. Police told TASS that “the wreckage of the drone was supposedly found near the railway tracks in the village of Svetino,” about 70 kilometers from central Moscow, “and there were no victims.” The drone was discovered by a local resident and an investigation team is currently working on the spot.

Lavrov: “We are responsible for the Russians in Transnistria”

Russia is “responsible” for its citizens in Transnistria, which is estimated to be around 250,000. This was stated in an interview with the TASS agency by Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov. The head of Russian diplomacy added that the mandate of a battalion of Russian peacekeepers in this self-declared autonomous region, located on the territory of Moldova on the border with Ukraine, remains in full force. There are about 250,000 Russian citizens living in Transnistria, I think. Of course, – said Lavrov, – we are responsible for it. “First of all, – he added, – there is our contingent of peacekeepers who protect the giant ammunition depot in Kolbasna. We have a mandate that was negotiated with all parties at the time and we believe that this mandate is still very relevant.

IAEA: “Fighting intensifies near Zaporizhia plant”

Fighting has intensified around Ukraine’s Zaporizhia nuclear power plant, the largest in Europe, raising the possibility of a nuclear accident. This was stated by the head of the International Atomic Energy Agency, Rafael Grossi, in an interview with the Palestinian Authority published on the site. “There is an increased level of fighting, active fighting” in the Masnaa area, Grossi said. “My team is there reporting attacks every day.” In any case, Grossi believes that the plant protection agreement is “close”, and after meeting Zelensky “most likely” he will go to Russia in the next few days.

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Velorossi: “Russian forces are advancing towards Bakhmut”

Russian forces are “advancing” in the city of Bakhmut, in eastern Ukraine. This is supported by the pro-Russian president of the self-declared Donetsk Republic, Denis Pushlin, quoted by Sky News. According to the official, most of the Ukrainian forces were forced to withdraw from the Azum Metallurgical Plant on the western side of the Pakhmutka River. “The important thing here is to clear the industrial area from the factory itself. You can pretty much tell it’s done by now, with the (Ukrainian) fighters running out of men left in lonely groups.” However, Ukrainian and Western descriptions of the situation in the city are very different: according to Kiev, the struggle to occupy the city is leveling off, while the Russian offensive is stalling. Both sides say they are taking a heavy toll on each other.

Kuleba: “Peace at all costs is an illusion”

No other country wants peace more than Ukraine. But peace at all costs is an illusion. The Ukrainian foreign minister said: “The Ukrainian people will agree to peace only if it guarantees the complete cessation of Russian aggression, the complete withdrawal of Russian forces from Ukrainian territory, and the restoration of the territorial integrity of our state within internationally recognized borders.” Dmytro Kuleba speaks at an event about the war in his country linked to the second (virtual) summit of democracy that Joe Biden wants. “Let me be clear, Russia must withdraw from every square meter of Ukrainian territory. There should be no misinterpretations of what the word withdrawal entails,” added Kuleba, speaking in place of President Zelensky, who is busy visiting a region on the conflict front. Although Russia seeks to destroy Ukraine – he continued – its aggression does not concern only Ukraine. Russia also aims to destroy the world order based on international law and the UN Charter. Our sons and daughters not only fought for the future, but also defended our common democratic values ​​on The account of their lives. In this battle, we are defending the entire democratic world.”

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The Guardian: “Peskov said the war would be long”

“Things will get more difficult. It will take a long time.” Commentary on the duration of the war in Ukraine It does not come from anyone, but from Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peshkov. As mentioned before guardianPeskov had expressed himself in this way during a dinner in late December attended by important representatives of the Russian elite. According to sources in the British newspaper, the toast darkened the evening’s mood among the guests, many of whom privately declared themselves against the war in Ukraine. It was annoying to hear his voice letter. “It was clear that he was warning that the war would remain with us and that we should prepare for the long haul,” said an anonymous guest.

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