The engine warning light, if it turns on, immediately solve it as follows: With two coins, you can save the mechanic

The engine warning light, if it turns on, immediately solve it as follows: With two coins, you can save the mechanic
Engine light is on –

Yellow light to warn of engine failure is caused by a very wide range of possible malfunctions, but they are not always so serious that only a professional can solve them

You’re driving, everything seems perfect, until a light comes on on your dashboard. Yes, spam yellow light Which makes every driver always fear the worst. there Engine light It’s kind of like our senses, it alerts us when something is wrong. And in case Yellow warning light for engine failure There are many possible malfunctionsstarting with a poorly sealed fuel cap.

Not being able to tell exactly what’s going on inside the engine block, it’s the same vehicle control module that’s sending a signal, and it’s a message we often need to decode via diagnostics Identify anomalies and solve the problem.

The yellow engine failure warning light usually behaves in two ways to indicate different problems and levels of severity. It can be solid or flashing. In the first case we can continue driving without problems even if we are called to solve the problem as soon as possible. On the other hand, when the warning light flashes, the malfunction can lead to more serious complications for the engine which, at that point, will have already entered “recovery” mode, limiting their ability to avoid deterioration.

Engine failure warning light, “Much Ado About Nothing”

either way In no case should we ignore the messages that our car sends us With the engine failure warning light on, more damage can occur than that detected, with higher repair costs. Not only that, but it is very likely that in this case there will be lambda probe reading errors, with consequent errors Anomalies in the combustion of exhaust gaseswhich can also lead to a file Excessive fuel consumption.

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Have you ever had your car’s check engine light come on? I know that It is not always a serious problem Which requires immediate action and may not compromise safety. on the contrary, Often, the light is only a sign of a faulty EGR valveresponsible for reducing harmful emissions into the air.

EGR valve cleaning additives –

How to turn off the warning light and clean the EGR valve with additives

Even if the vehicle’s performance is not affected, it is important to solve the problem in order to turn off the annoying warning light and return to traveling without worry. But there is good news: There is an easy and low cost way to solve the problem without having to go to the mechanic or workshop.

Over time, the EGR valve can build up carbon deposits and dirt that can hinder its operation, which explains why the light comes on. enough to turn it off Obtaining a specific additive such as Perdal Top for diesel or gasoline, to be added to the full tank. these additives It will help clear the EGR valve and hopefully allow the engine light to go out.

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