Pascual Bruni aims to achieve growth between Europe and the United States

Pascual Bruni aims to achieve growth between Europe and the United States
The Petit Joli rings by Paquale Bruni (Image courtesy of Paquale Bruni)

After closing a year with positive accounts, Pascual Bruni Expect over 2022 rosy. The first- and second-generation-led luxury jewelry brand, produced in the Valenza region, is at the center of an important expansion plan, which will see new stores open worldwide. A strategy that will also be supported by online sales. Projects explained to MFF from Roberto BocasPasquale Bruni, director of global sales.

How did 2021 end and what do you estimate 2022?
In 2021 we were able to surpass pre-Covid levels, and we closed the year with a 15% increase in turnover over 2019. In 2022 we will double last year’s numbers, without Russia.

What are the most important countries for development?
Outside weighs about 75%. We grow in all markets, except for the Iberian Peninsula. Over the years, Russia has reduced its weight on its total sales from 60 to 20% in response to the brand’s expansion internationally. The proportion of the United States, which we head with a direct branch in New York, has reached 30%, and the rest is done by the EMEA region. The Middle East is also developing, in general the brand awareness of the company is growing all over the world. In this regard, I mention the partnership with the film marry me That gave a vision of Pasquale Bruni and the jewelry he was wearing Jennifer Lopez. Eastern Europe is also performing above expectations, as is Australia; Greece and Turkey found the splendor of the past, in France an eclectic channel was created.

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Are you planning to open any single brand stores?
On the horizon there are two stores in America in New York and Europe in Paris, between 2023 and 2024.

Have you carried out operations in Italy?
Since 2020, we have implemented distribution rationalization, starting in Italy where we had 130 wholesale outlets; Now we’re at 70, to focus on high quality network.

And wholesale abroad?
Our goal is to unite Europe. We have started to develop in Germany, we want to go from 8 to 60 doors in five years, in Austria we will reach 15, while in France we have reactivated the direct branch starting from scratch: here in the same period we will reach 40- 50 points of sale. We will open up to Saudi Arabia at the end of the year. Not forgetting the entry into Asia scheduled for this year, which is a priority: we will start digital through partnerships including those with finance And WeChat, to move forward with a direct branch in Shanghai by 2024, with the goal of direct control of the APAC region. In America, where we have about 50 ports, we’re growing in the US and Mexico.

So far, with whom are the partners who are active in e-commerce?
Besides our online store, we have three major partnerships in Europe that we work with FarfetchWith opera fashion Especially in the United States, with people In the Middle East. (All rights reserved)

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