The Battle of the Gaza Strip, American pressure, and UN appeals: What happened today between Israel and Hamas

The Battle of the Gaza Strip, American pressure, and UN appeals: What happened today between Israel and Hamas

Eve first month War, as the Israelis did Bombed Gaza Strip at night, and was martyred Two leaders From Hamas. From dawn onwards, ground clashes continued, and in the afternoon, 30 missiles They were expelled from Lebanon. The United States sent a Nuclear submarine They renewed their efforts for a humanitarian endowment, something I also called for loudlyUnited nations.

The battle of Gaza City and the fiery border with Lebanon

The IDF’s advance continues in one Gaza City Completely surrounded It was cut off from the rest of the sector. Israeli forces occupied many of them complex Hamas uses them as training centers, observation points, and missile launch sites. Of the last two, one was found inside a entertainment center For youth activities, complete with 50 missiles Ready to fire on Israel.

Very high tension even on the border with Lebanon. In the afternoon, around one o’clock Thirty missiles They set off from the south of the Cedars towards the state of the Jews. Hamas claimed responsibility for launching the rocket 16 Some of them are directed against Galilee. The Israeli army responded by bombing the sites from which the carriers were launched.

Because of these continuous attacks, the administration of the city in the north of the country continued Kiryat Shmona He urged all remaining residents to leave. The vast majority of 20 thousand residents He has already left the area, but authorities estimate there are still about 3,000 people there.

The United States between diplomatic efforts and military presence

US Secretary of State BlinkenVisit Baghdadissued a warning again toIrangarlic Hizb allah And in Militias Their affiliates:It was very important to send a very clear message to anyone who might seek to exploit the conflict in Gaza to threaten our staff here or elsewhere in the region: Do not do itThis cannot be ruled out, according to The New York TimesAnd the possibility of direct intervention by the United States if pro-Shiite militias and Tehran attack Israel.

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Furthermore, the US military presence in the eastern Mediterranean was strengthened by sending A Nuclear submarine Ohio-class aircraft, whose area of ​​responsibility extends from northeastern Africa to central and southern Asia.

However, Washington moved forward Diplomatic efforts To persuade Israel to accept the memorandums Humanitarian stopsIt is necessary to safely evacuate the wounded and bring trucks full of aid into the Strip.

UN appeals: “The situation is horrific”

the United nations They again spoke out againstsiege Gaza Strip, where “terrible” And “unacceptableThe conditions to which Palestinians are exposed. “An entire people is trapped and under attack, deprived of access to basic goods for survival, and their homes, shelters, hospitals and places of worship are being bombed. this is unacceptable“, the directors wrote in a joint memo Humanitarian organizations of the United Nations.

UNRWAThe Palestinian Refugee Agency also said that since the beginning of the war 88 Its employees were killed in the Gaza Strip as a result of the Israeli bombing.”Highest number More casualties than the United Nations has ever recorded in a single conflict“.

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