Navalny’s environment reported that his whereabouts are unknown

Navalny’s environment reported that his whereabouts are unknown

“We don’t know where he is.” Ivan Zhdanov, Director of the Anti-Corruption Fund (FBK)founded by key Russian dissident Alexei Navalny, sentenced to several decades in prison, noted yesterday, He speaks to Lithuania-based opposition YouTube channel Popularnaya Politika, which is unaware of the whereabouts of Russia’s most famous prisoner.. In the activist environment, this disappearance is linked to the beginning of the previous election campaign Russian President Vladimir PutinWho just announced his candidacy for re-election, which coincided with one announcement An ingenious advertising campaign launched by FBK in the country’s major cities which, via a QR code, directed citizens to a web page titled “Russia Without Putin,” which explains methods of nonviolent resistance.

Navalny’s lawyers were unable to contact the activist for six daysThe only thing they were able to confirm is that he is not in any of the penal institutions in the Vladimir region where he has been yet. “He is not on the lists of the IK6 strict regime prison colony or the IK7 special regime (prison type) colony, where he must agree to the (last) judge’s decision,” Zhdanov stated.

Navalny’s environment is studying the possibility He falls ill and is hospitalized, or transferred to one of the more than 700 prison institutions spread throughout the Russian Federation. In the latter case, Navalny may remain without any signs of life “for weeks or even months,” Zhdanov says. The Russian prison system “uses such strange methods that sometimes they take you to the Ural Mountains, then back to Moscow, and send you south. No one knows how it was built, except a few officials.”

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toThe terms of the transfer of prisoners are carried out, moreover, in extremely difficult conditions, denounced by the opponent: In wooden carts, overloaded, without mattresses. It is believed that this is all part of a plan to “isolate Navalny as much as possible” in this period. When Navalny re-emerges from the bowels of the Russian prison system, He will have to serve his sentence in August of 19 years in prison “To create and finance an extremist community” in a special colony of the regime, where the most stringent living conditions prevail. But Russian legislation allows him, in theory, even in these cases, to maintain communication with his lawyer and correspondence with the outside world.

Rights violated

However, in Zhdanov’s opinion. All this is not guaranteed even in your caseBecause during the time he spent in prison, more than three years, the authorities violated some of his basic rights. The inmate’s health condition also raises concerns for those around him. Kira Yarmysh, his spokesman, told The Guardian about the harsh conditions of confinement. “Due to the inhumane conditions in which he is being held, there is no ventilation and no hot water in the cell, and he is not fed properly, He may have passed out from hungerHe also did not participate in the electronic court session to consider his protests against the treatment he received in prison, which exacerbated the fear of those around him.

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