Protecting hardwood floors with a tennis ball is an amazing technique

Protecting hardwood floors with a tennis ball is an amazing technique

You may not know that using a tennis ball you can protect your wooden floors in a very simple way, and here’s how.

You have furnished your home with wooden floors and want to protect them so that they last longer as if they were just laid. How do we do? We give you a tip that will be very useful, especially if you don’t know it What do tennis balls do? that you have accumulated in recent years.

We all know that hardwood floors require some maintenance to maintain their beauty and protect them from damage. What we reveal below is a safe and effective way to always keep your parquet looking beautiful, as if it were new.

The ingenious technology to protect your hardwood floors in just a few steps

Interior designers recommend using laminate flooring Furnish your home in an elegant and practical way. Its aesthetic appearance helps create a warm and welcoming atmosphere and, moreover, this natural material also saves on bills as it guarantees excellent thermal insulation.

Resistance is one of the most appreciated properties of wood flooring. In fact, it is a coating that will last a long time if adequate maintenance is ensured. With the right precautions, hardwood floors can last for many years without losing their original appearance.

How to protect wood floors

How to protect wood floors using a tennis ball –

Parquet is versatile and can therefore be installed in all environments, not only in the living room or bedroom but also in the kitchen. king In a kitchen or dining room, a wood floor can experience more wear and tear Because these areas are busier than other rooms in the house.

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At that time How to protect wood floors from scratches Failure to pull chairs and furniture? You can use tennis balls as we mentioned previously. How should we do it? It’s very simple. To avoid leaving traces on this type of flooring, you can place pads on the ends of the chairs Tennis balls cut in half.

Simply stick them to the feet of the chairs Eliminate any friction When you move them. The same method also applies to furniture, place tennis balls cut in half on the furniture feet before moving them to change their position within the room, and that’s it.

Using this little trick, your hardwood floors will be completely protected and will not cause any scratches. Great, isn’t it? If you want to know then How to clean parquet Right, we suggest you read our little guide, in order to make the wood coverings in your home last longer.

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