So Pence tried to avoid the “coup attempt” –

So Pence tried to avoid the “coup attempt” –

Assault on Congress, the challenge between the ex-president and his vice president (who plans to run for the 2024 election): Trump insults Pence, who has resisted the illegal theories of lawman Eastman

from our reporter
Washington – before thatAssault on Capitol Hill
In the White House There were angry days.

Donald Trump tried in every way to convince his deputy, Mike Penceto me Don’t believe 50 states voted At the ceremony scheduled for Congress, January 6, 2021.
That same morning, Trump invited all of his family to the Oval Office. at a certain point Phone his deputy. Many witnesses recounted what they had heard. Ivanka Trump, her father’s advisor at the time, reported: The conversation was so heated, I didn’t hear him talk to his deputy like that. There was also Nicholas Luna, another collaborator: I heard the president repeat: “You are Kagasuto.”.

The third session of the Parliamentary Inquiry Committee, which was broadcast live on television, reconstructed the relationship between the two men on the eve of Tuesday. coup attempt.

Donald forced his hand hard Mark Short, Pence’s chief of staff, asked the intelligence services to tighten preventive measures.

But the real manager of the slit was a jurist. John EastmanIntellectually willing to engage in prostitution to please the president. Eastman spoke first from the stage set up at the Mall on the morning of January 6. Camel coat, Borsalino brown, an advertisement for thousands of fans The law allows the vice president to cancel fraudulent votes or return unconfirmed ballots to states. A ramshackle theory that has no basis at all. There is no rule giving the vice president any discretion in electoral procedures.

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But The most chilling passage Eastman himself was aware of.

A witness present in the courtroom yesterday, Greg Jacob, Pence’s legal counsel, reported that a small meeting took place in the Oval Office on January 4. In the past weeks, Eastman, who is very conservative, has prepared a paper to explain his thesis. Trump was happy. But After a series of consultations, Pence was convinced that this was just crazy.

The two attorneys, Eastman and Jacob, got into the legal details. Finally, according to Jacob, the interviewer realized that In fact, it was illegal and that it would have been rejected unanimously (9 to zero) by the Supreme Court. However, on January 5, Eastman changed his positions and returned to ask Pence to reject the ballot papers. Eastman responded to the objection that this might lead to violent unrest: There has always been some violence in our history.

The Vice President did not join the conspiracy groupThey appeared in all their filth in classroom videos. Rudy Giuliani, former advisers Jason Miller and Steve Bannon, Fox News anchor Sean Hannity. Everyone knew they were spreading lies to Americans.

The commission will now expand its investigation, asking Jenny Thomas, wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, to testify. Ginni, among other things, exchanges some emails with Eastman.

However, yesterday’s session also had political significance, which must be taken into account in light of the 2024 presidential election. The ticket that ruled the United States from 2017 to 2020 is irreparably resolved. It would now be inappropriate to talk about a duel for the leadership of the Republican Party. Trump still controls much of the conservative world. A penny, however, is one of the exponents of a reciprocating motion Which is spreading to the Washington establishment, but also to the primaries going on in the country. Trump-sponsored candidates don’t always win.

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