August 12, 2022

Hardwood Paroxysm

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Italy was defeated by the United States, and Curaçao was defeated by the Netherlands. Unbeaten Japan – OA Sport

The third day of Harlem Baseball Week 2022 ends, the day Italy must make way for the United States. Three runs to balance, one of the sporting devastation caused by American club enthusiasm, ruthlessly in the fourth. But that’s not the only thing that happened.

In addition to 0-9 USA, two more matches were played. The first, Curaçao Holland, saw an interesting (but not much) prediction reversal: 8-6 surely won’t be well absorbed by the Dutch selection. Especially since in the first three innings Richardson, with singles and doubles, and Provar, with singles, laid bricks for 0-3. Except that, in the sixth round, everything happens. Or rather, a defensive foul occurs, base on the ball and three singles (Leonora, Gregorios and Mojica), one of which is from 2 RBI, flips everything: 6-3, which becomes 6-4 due to the interference of enemy sacrifice from Tromp. A two-point double from Vargas makes Curaçao score 8-4, a pair of singles from the hosts are useless.

Baseball, Harlem Week 2022: Italy holds its own but gives way to the USA

Japan is still undefeated, but with a lot of effort. The Japanese take the lead in the second half with the Sugisawa Sacrifice Race, which beats Ueda. However, Cuba immediately responds at the top of Part III: a one-point double by Moa Acevedo, a two-point single by Abreu Sanchez and overtaken. Based on Tomosugi’s ball, at the bottom of the second half, Yazawa steals the base and signs 3-2 soon after. It takes a crazy throw and base on the ball in sixth place to bring the advantage back to the Land of the Rising Sun that never gives up.

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Tomorrow has two games on the calendar: Italy will face Curaçao at 15:30, while at 19:30 there will be a major overseas baseball game, Cuba vs. the United States, at least for the picks sent to Harlem.