Ukraine-Russia war, today’s news. Kyiv: Let’s move on to Bakhmut

Ukraine-Russia war, today’s news.  Kyiv: Let’s move on to Bakhmut

The media, unveiled Putin’s hideout in a Black Sea castle

Unveil it Business interested The basement project Russian President Vladimir Putin In Gelendzhik, on the Black Sea: In addition to showing photos of the so-called ‘imperial dacha’, the post shows the drawings used to construct the bomb-proof underground complex built for the Russian president. Two years ago, a video investigation was made of Alexei Navalny He revealed the existence of the princely palace overlooking the Black Sea, which sparked resentment and controversy in the country.

In the Metro Style project, by a now-deceased Russian contractor, has now been taken over Insiders You see two separate tunnels connected by an elevator that descends about 50 meters below the surface. The tunnels, lined with thick concrete, are equipped with fresh water, ventilation, and wires wide enough to keep VIP passengers for days or weeks. “One of the tunnels has all kinds of security,” he said. Thaddeusz Gabrzewskian experienced defensive structures engineer who reviewed blueprints for the Insiders. “There’s a fire system. There’s water, and there’s sewage. It’s all for someone to live or escape.”

The two tunnels are about 40 and 60 meters long and 6 meters wide, with 6,500 square meters of potential living space, which indicates blast resistance. The exits from these tunnels are just below the palace complex, on the Gelendzhik cliff, show photos posted by Insider.
However, analysts comment InsidersDespite the grandiose defenses and fortification that appear in the building’s photos, the builders seem to have overlooked an important detail: they did not carefully conceal the underground fortification project, which would have been protected by any competent government security apparatus. nails and teeth to keep it secret.”

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