The bodies of six American airmen were recovered at Grado

The bodies of six American airmen were recovered at Grado

The remains of six American pilots who crashed into Lake Grado with their B-24 bomber during the air battle on January 30, 1944 will be recovered with a project by Dpaa (Defense Pow/Mia Accounting Agency), the US Department of Defense agency responsible for recovering US military personnel declared missing during Conflicts dating back to World War II. There were seven pilots aboard the B-24, but in 2014 a member was identified on the basis of remains found during an initial field search.
Dpaa has appointed Isola di Morgo Srl, the general contractor, and Southeastern Archaeological Research Inc, an expert archaeological research firm, to carry out the project. Studio D’Orlando Engineering Srl, Natture Srl, Astra Snc, Archeo test and studio Colussi & Dovier were also involved in the design phase – awaiting the necessary licenses to start the works.
The President of the Regional Council, Mauro Bordin, said at the end of the informational meeting about the project – He who fought for freedom but whose body did not return home, is the path that unites Italians and Americans who lived through the war and who are bound by the same values.
“Your work and your dedication – emphasized Bourdain – show the common values ​​between Italy and the United States in making joint efforts not to forget the sacrifices of those who fought for freedom and democracy”.
The specific reference, then, to a particular event dating back a few weeks in Carlino, was celebrating the homecoming of Galeano Biden, an Alpine alpine who died in Bermit in Albania at the age of 29, long reported as missing, but found. It is later found at the Military Memorial to the Fallen Abroad in Bari.
“There was a tremendous effort by the whole community to bring him home,” Bourdain asserted, “and the party in attendance and the touching witness of the people’s love for that man as well as the immense happiness of the family and daughters at the return of the father’s remains.”
Therefore, Bourdain stressed “also the commitment, maximum cooperation and cooperation on the part of the Fvg institutions” with the aim of recalling “the importance of human life and of man, who in war loses his personality and is depersonalised”.
He concluded, “The desire to search for people stems from a sense of humanity and love, and for this I thank everyone who cooperated in the project.”

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(Photo: Acon Regione FVG)

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