May 28, 2023

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How can a veranda or pergola be modified to improve its use and what bonuses are available

How can a balcony or pergola be modified to improve its use and what are the bonuses? To take advantage of the outdoor spaces of your home, such as balconies and terraces, both in winter but above all in summer, many decide to build structures such as balconies or pergolas that allow you to cover the outside of the house and create a new livable environment in the house.

Once these structures are built, they can also be modified to improve their use. Let’s see how.

  • How can you modify a gazebo or pergola to improve its use
  • What bonuses are available for modifying a veranda or pergola

How can you modify a gazebo or pergola to improve its use

There are many possibilities for modifying a veranda or pergola built on a terrace, terrace or home garden, starting with a closed structure if it was initially built open. To make this alteration, whether it is a balcony or a pergola, the first thing to do is to request the appropriate building permit from the relevant municipality.

In fact, according to the provisions of the laws in force, if open and movable gazebos or pergolas are built, it is not necessary to request any permit from the municipality or any other building permit, but things change when the structures created become closed and immovable.

The only case in which, by law, a permit is not required while modifying a balcony to make it enclosed are those of verandas made of VePa glass: they are weatherproof constructions, not fixed, and therefore located within the free building.

The creation of such balconies on the balconies or terraces of the common houses can be limited by the regulation of individual condominiums on the basis of respect for the architectural decoration of the building.

In fact, the veranda, both open and closed, can be made on a balcony or terrace in a condominium only on condition that it does not change the architectural decoration of the residential building, otherwise it is prohibited.

What bonuses are available for modifying a veranda or pergola

I am There are many bonuses available for modifying a veranda or pergola to improve its use. To modify balconies or pergolas, can be usedecobonus at 50% off For a maximum deductible spending amount of €60,000.

The 50% tax deduction allows for reimbursement of expenses arising from the purchase and installation of solar shading systems, such as pergolas and bioclimatic pergolas.

For verandas and pergolas, you can use50% environmental bonus If the structures are built integrally with the building envelope, movable screens can be assembled and disassembled.

Finally, for balcony and pergola modification work, you can take advantage of a renovation bonus that is valid for new construction work, such as restoring or rebuilding the exterior structure.

In any case, these are building renovations for which the renovation bonus and the associated furniture bonus can be used, to equip, for example, an outdoor veranda. the Renewal bonuses It provides for a tax deduction of 50% for those who carry out a building renovation of their property up to a maximum of 96 thousand euros, which can be used in 10 annual installments of the same amount and can be claimed by all those who intend to renovate their home.

The renovation bonus is also linked to the furniture bonus, which allows you to deduct expenses incurred up to €8,000, for furnishing the enclosed outdoor areas of the house, just like verandas and pergolas.

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