“The escort collects his feces…”: The reckless shock of Putin

“The escort collects his feces…”: The reckless shock of Putin

The international media is now talking about health From put it in within the agenda. The last incredible rumor published by the French newspaper Paris Match: Among the attendants accompanying the Tsar abroad, there will be someone whose job it is to gather him rubbish And he took them to Moscow. What would be the reason for this practice? So as not to leave any trace on his real and real physical condition. Overly cautious, but the Kremlin, these days, doesn’t want to risk the slightest bit of leaking anything about any cancer, Parkinson’s disease or other ailments Putin might have.

“Critical Information”

It seems unreasonable, but his staff will also collect pee would hide”Critical information for the future of the world“And the many implications of potential treatments underway or that need to be done for recovery. What weekly reports, for sure, will cause discussion and who knows whether Moscow, at least this time, will blink or pretend nothing has happened. Paris Match He says he already heard about this “harvest” in October 2019, when Putin visited Saudi Arabia. If true, it will once again confirm the emergence of the disease before the invasion of Ukraine and the Covid-19 epidemic. In short. His crew will do anything to hide any physical trace of the Russian president.

What is a special bag?

Indirect sources in the Middle East also told the French that the exact mission was being carried out under the control of the Russian Security Service (FSb). According to reports, the agent had to put Putin’s droppings in the pockets prepared for this purpose so as not to leave a trace and return everything to the country in suitcase Special. “sAbsolute ecstasy and intense pressure to silence the Russian embassy staffThe French press wrote, adding that this practice actually occurred during Putin’s visit to France on May 29, 2017, the day he was received by Emmanuel Macron in Versailles.

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In short, if that was really the case, the situation would be very dangerous. Among the rumors about an upcoming operation and one that has already been performed, as we covered in Giornale.it, today’s news was inspiration A former British spy says Putin will be able to stay in power for no more than three to six months and then be killed by his loyalists because of his health and also because of the poor results his army has had so far in Ukraine. Whether his days are numbered or not, we’ll find out, but what we’ve learned from the French certainly leaves us dumbfounded and baffled.

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