Ukraine, the latest news. Melitopol, bombing of Putin’s party headquarters. Moscow calls for a new UN meeting

Ukraine, the latest news.  Melitopol, bombing of Putin’s party headquarters.  Moscow calls for a new UN meeting


A bombing at the headquarters of United Russia in occupied Ukraine: they were organizing referendums for annexation. Russia raises its voice in the UN Security Council, as Kyiv denounces: 2.5 million Ukrainians have been deported since the start of the war

Putin warns: “Stop gas and oil if they impose a price ceiling”
  • Pope: “Shocked by a dangerous war and the dangers of a nuclear escalation”

    “Unfortunately, Europe and the entire world are upset by a war of particular gravity, whether because of a violation of international law, or because of the dangers of nuclear escalation, or because of the grave economic and social consequences. It is a third world war “cut into pieces”, and you are witness to it in the places where you are In it is your mission.” The Pope once again expresses his concerns about the war in Ukraine by receiving apostolic minors from all over the world at the Vatican.

    Bergoglio recalls the interruption of meetings due to the epidemic: “It has been three years since our last meeting. The pandemic storm of Covid-19 has forced us on various restrictions in our daily life and pastoral activities. Now it seems the worst is over, and thank God we can find ourselves again. But unfortunately Europe and the whole world are upset by a war of particular danger.”

  • Grossi (verse): “Disaster almost touched Zaporizhia”

    The Director General of the International Atomic Energy Agency (Aiea) Rafael Mariano Grossi was “excited and moved” when he saw the conditions in which the plant’s employees were working “in Zaporizhia, Europe’s largest nuclear power plant now in the hands of the Russians. Interview by Republic, explains why he thinks something catastrophic can happen. “I was very impressed by the two 1-meter diameter mortar holes on the roof of a nuclear fuel depot,” he says. “We were very lucky, because those shots could have released radioactive material into the environment.” He explains that the reactors are “well protected by reinforced concrete coffins,” while the bunkers are more susceptible to damage.

    Grossi last week led a team of agency inspectors to the plant in Ukraine. He then submitted a report to the United Nations Security Council proposing a “sanctification” of the plant, or protection “on the periphery model, and thus limited to the plant only,” explains the director, who says he is confident: “I got interesting feedback from the parties. They They certainly didn’t say no.” Grossi admits that “disarmament is not realistic,” because the plant is “right on the front line. We need negotiations at the highest level, which is beyond the agency’s mandate.” Now inside the factory we “have the advantage of having agency members” on “permanent missions”. If they send us away, they’ll have to explain to the world why they’re doing it.

    International Atomic Energy Agency Director General Mariano Grossi (in white helmet) and other IAEA colleagues inspect a mortar shell outside a nuclear power plant in Zaporizhia on September 1. (EPA / Yuri Kochetkov)

  • 383 Ukrainian children have been killed since the beginning of the Russian invasion

    Since the beginning of the Russian invasion, 383 Ukrainian children have been killed and 742 wounded. “According to the latest updated data as of September 8, more than 1,125 children were killed or injured in Ukraine as a result of the armed aggression of the Russian Federation. Official information from juvenile prosecutors indicates that 383 children were killed and more than 742 were injured, ”the prosecutor wrote on Telegram, citing Ukrinform. Most of the minors were injured in the Donetsk, Kharkiv, Kiev and Mykolaiv regions.

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